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2020.11.23 16:15 BrittNezNez New Style, hope you guys like it 😜 @ElsaSun

New Style, hope you guys like it 😜 @ElsaSun submitted by BrittNezNez to imvu [link] [comments]

2020.11.23 15:02 Tikitikizu Good morning and happy week everyone 🥰

Good morning and happy week everyone 🥰

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2020.11.23 15:02 Tikitikizu Good morning and happy week everyone 🥰

Good morning and happy week everyone 🥰

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2020.11.23 14:12 Anomaly_Yulie 21F Wanting to make some friends!

hello :)
i'll tell you a little bit about myself:
My name is Yulie and i live in the netherlands, i have two little demon cats who are about 4 months! I am 21 years old. i enjoy gaming, watching movies, youtube, swimming, taking long walks, art and writing.
I am a very socially awkward person and i don't really have many friends as i get scared easily around others especially in big groups but i really miss having a close connection with someone :)
i don't care if you are female or male, i just ask you to be polite and nice! I tend to be a little bit shy at first but if i feel a connection i will get more comfy around you. I love to have a gaming friend or just a friend in general i can talk to about random stuff.
if you feel the same way please message me your discord!
Games i currently enjoy: Hollow knight, Apex, IMVU, DBD, oxygen not included, risk of rain 2, ori and the blind forest, and about 100+ games on steam and ps4.
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2020.11.23 11:11 BestLilBro Chillin 🥱 @YourStepBro2

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2020.11.23 04:29 ZestThatRanch 🎀 Cute potato

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2020.11.23 04:01 ceeshell1 My ninja avi⚔️ @Divincee

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2020.11.23 01:59 smbdraco4L go add me on vu @sadlow3 💔🎱

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2020.11.23 01:04 BrittNezNez Party girl 🎊💦 @ElsaSun

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2020.11.23 00:25 antiiconz Oof

Join imvumodels
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2020.11.22 22:11 antiiconz Add me on imvu @alien239169

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2020.11.22 15:47 PeacefulNonsense I’m still saving up for this look

I’m still saving up for this look submitted by PeacefulNonsense to imvu [link] [comments]

2020.11.22 14:30 aitadj00 [TOMT] A freestyle browser game where u could buy lots and chat with friends

So back when I was younger ( Im in my 20s) there was this online browser game where u could create and design ur avatar, chat with other players, buy a lot, build a house or a shop there, u could literally design anything furniture hair clothes, but not like decide the shape, more like color it. U could sell the things u designed in ur shop and u would gain game currency if anybody buys it. This game was popular at the same time when almost everyone played second life and imvu, but wasnt as popular as them, also the quality was way lower. It was a freestyle game where u could just walk and chat with friends, design things buy things. Please help me find it!
submitted by aitadj00 to tipofmytongue [link] [comments]

2020.11.22 13:57 Joineci What you are looking for is..... (Link in the Desc.)2

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2020.11.22 13:01 singapore-noodles BPD friend spiralling

My friend with diagnosed BPD is a 36 year old mother of 2 who is addicted to IMVU to the point she neglects her children and stays up until 3 AM and doesn’t get them ready for school or bother to pick them up most days. Ever since her estranged alcoholic mom died, she’s gotten worse. She seems really hyper sexual, everything is about sex and inappropriate including the music videos she has on all day that show nothing but women twerking etc. She has expressed to me that in her alternate reality world of IMVU she makes her avatacharacter a stripper and seems to glorify that lifestyle yet in real life she’s just an overweight stay at home mother. Both her kids are in school so I don’t see why she doesn’t get out and get herself a job because she lives like a slob and doesn’t even keep her house clean, I clean it when I go over there mostly for the kids and to help out. She won’t lift a finger. Anyways she seems to go through these weird phases where one day she is so totally into something and it’s the best thing since sliced bread or whatever but then the next day she no longer cares about it and it’s always the most cliche fad things like off Instagram or whatever. She seems to gravitate toward drama and won’t put her narcissistic brother in his place and she triangulates a lot with me and him. He also has some psychological issues so I don’t really like his company as he’s very rude. I’ve always been a good friend to her but she talks shit about me behind my back to her fake online friends or her brother who do nothing for her. Meanwhile I’ve taken her kids out and done a lot for her family and never missed a birthday or a Christmas yet for me she gets really cheap shitty gifts or forgets totally. I never complain about it and I’m one of those “it’s the thought that counts” type of people but I stopped getting her nice things and going above and beyond for her because it wasn’t being reciprocated equally. She has done nice things for me, but I feel like it’s for her own validation not to actually be nice. Like for example there is a homeless man I always buy food and drink for at the local shopping centre. Every time I see him I get him something and I took the time to learn his name and that he’s a vegetarian, asked him his back story etc. One time she bought him a bag of candy and a Pepsi and I was taken back because she did it only once when her brother was with us and for the rest of the day kept bragging about what a good person she is and how great she is that she did that for the homeless man which kind of ruined the kind gesture of I’m honest. She did it once two years ago and still brings it up every time she sees me buy him a meal. When we pass him she will say “oh look there’s your friend” in a condescending way. It just annoys me. She doesn’t care about wasting other people’s time or money, especially mine. For example one year for her birthday she wanted me to take her to a theme park. So I paid her ticket and her daughters ticket and her nieces ticket as well as my own. At £30 each that’s not cheap! But I did it because I wanted to for her birthday. So we get there and she wanted the extra cost of entry to the roller skating rink. Because she claims she loved roller skating as a kid back in the 90s. I used to as well so I did and we all went to the roller rink. I rented some skates and ... was the only one actually skating. She sat in a booth on her phone and talking to her niece and to her preteen daughter and didn’t once attempt to go skate. I tried to teach her daughter how to skate though. So much for “oh I’m so good at roller skating I love roller skating!” She gives her daughter anxiety and stunts her. Would never take her to her swimming lessons or anything. I love to swim so I took her daughter to the beach during summer and helped her conquer her fears of being in the water and bought her a lot of fun float toys and did this every weekend until she learned how to swim and now the girl swims like a mermaid and loves going in the ocean water. My friend? Went to the beach once with us and stayed far away from the water. She loves horror films and when they come out I usually take her to the movie theatre to see. Last time we went I got us tickets for opening night and it was really packed. She wanted to leave because she was having some weird paranoid meltdown “ people here are watching me and looking at me and judging me I don’t like sitting next to people!” I leaned over and said to her “ they don’t give a shit about you, and they can’t see you. It’s dark in here and they’re watching the movie.” I wasn’t going to let her waste my money I paid for on those tickets so she could ruin our night out with her emotional games. She sat through the movie once she realised if she wanted to leave she could go by herself but I would be staying to watch the film I paid for. She goes through weird phases so on and off like split personality. One minute she’s totally out of control and the next minute she thinks she’s in control. She has learned with me that I won’t put up with her bullshit. Because I will just have nothing to do with her and I’m the only real friend she has. She seems to care more about her fake online life rather then the people in her real life. Also if I have anything, anything at all, she HAS TO HAVE IT. Like my boss ( I’m an illustrator) bought me a new iPad Pro for work related reasons. She cannot drop it and kept telling me to get her one and makes me feel like shit every time I take it out to work so I can’t actually take it around her. She also does really manipulative sabotaging shit. Like I have an iPhone so bought a multi charger with an iPhone bit to keep at her house. Funny how it mysterious broke and it was the iPhone bit that “mysteriously snapped off” .... I’ve always felt she was jealous of me. She says a lot of backhanded compliments. Sometimes straight up insults me or bullies me disguised as “joking” and I just don’t say anything. I know it’s all her projection. She calls me a whore a lot too even though I’ve been single for 4 years and haven’t even hooked up or dated in that time. Yet she tells me about all the guys who send her dick pics online. She recently dropped a huge bombshell on me emotionally, telling me her daughter isn’t really her partners daughter because she cheated on her partner with her ex when they first got together and her daughter doesn’t know he isn’t her real dad. I guess her ex died in some accident which is convenient for her because she got away with lieing about it all. I don’t even know why she would tell me that, but I feel like it’s a manipulative tactic to test my loyalty. She just blurted it out over a meal at McDonald’s one day like it was nothing. I want to distance myself from her more and more with each passing week but also feel bad because I have to see her every day and I know she suffers with a mental illness. I just can’t deal with all of it. There’s more that goes into it but it’s like slowly watching someone mill themselves. She refuses to see any professional help. Has been diagnosed with bipolar, BPD and paranoia and is on no medication for it.
submitted by singapore-noodles to BPDlovedones [link] [comments]

2020.11.22 12:57 DiyozZa My Avatar......

My Avatar...... submitted by DiyozZa to imvu [link] [comments]

2020.11.22 12:42 Bnettema What you are looking for is..... (Link in the Desc.)5

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2020.11.22 05:41 HazyOdell Hey ♥

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For IMVU users that would like this outfit bundle before everyone else, only for limited time.

IMVU account in order to use items
VALID EMAIL ADDRESS to receive purchase code
FOLLOW Jay Esme on IMVU to receive your items
FOLLOW 7evencc on FB & IG for exclusives and future promos
  • All items will be out coming out for 2020 Black Friday!
  • Credit purchases can be purchased at the IMVU u/JayEsme Shop.
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2020.11.21 23:00 eggieboy8 any way to install the old desktop imvu?

wanted to go shop with a friend today and explain to her how the game works. to my dismay, after installing the latest imvu download on her pc, ive discovered they changed the interface and featurrs completly to look like the phone app rather than the original game. no way to dress up in multiple clothing items in shop before buying them? no shop together?? thats practically 90% of the game for me. is there anyway to install the old version? and is the beta really gonna stay wuthout those key elements that made the game so enjoyable? please enlighten.
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2020.11.21 21:39 ZapdosL0L Can I have some friends please :)

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