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Independent Franchise Partners, LLP was established in 2009 to offer the Franchise investment approach to institutional investors through a dedicated, independent investment management partnership. With a partner you can divide up responsibilities, shifts, and more. If one of you is busy, the other can pick up the slack, and vice versa. This is often a great fit for those with outside professional responsibilities, or those who aren't willing to take on an entire operation all on their own. In many times, your franchise partner would have done his homework of finding the right location, fitting the store and sourcing the approved ingredients; however when it comes to the staff, he ... A franchise is a license that a party (franchisee) purchases that allows them access to use a business's (franchisor) proprietary knowledge, processes, and trademarks to sell products or provide ... Franchise partnerships are always a challenge, but creating a franchise ownership partnership has its own unique business ownership structure issues. Ideally, a silent partner, content to invest in you and your franchise and 'leave the driving to you' would be the perfect find. While this does happen, don’t hold your breath.

Borderlands 3

2014.04.10 18:34 billlybob Borderlands 3

Go to /borderlands3 instead

2017.12.29 09:02 GreatWhiteSharkCIA VeChain Trader

### This is a subreddit dedicated to trading and price commentary VeChain is a global leading blockchain platform for products and information. In the past two years, VeChain has accumulated great amount of experience in providing blockchain solutions to various industries including liquor, auto, luxury goods, pharmaceuticals, retail, logistics, supply chain, food and cold storage etc.

2012.04.02 20:59 Josh Hutcherson

For everything and anything Josh Hutcherson, known primarily for his role as Peeta Mellark in *The Hunger Games* movie franchise, now directing films like *Ape*, as well as starring in the Hulu TV series *Future Man*.

2020.10.19 15:17 _Constellations_ Everything good in Three Kingdoms and Troy that would benefit Warhammer greatly

As I play both Troy and Three Kingdoms, a player who was introduced to the franchise through Warhammer and now as difficult it is to say, I cannot enjoy it anymore because how dull and simple it feels with ALL the future games' improvements missing from it.
This list is long in the making as a draft and taking notes the moment I notice something, with an added explanation why it is so meaningful and I'm posting it now because it got long enough to make up for a decent overview of improvements.
Gameplay and Features:
Things I dislike in Three Kingdoms and Troy:
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2020.10.19 14:56 JitterBug101 Looking For Long term RP Partner [OPEN]

Please Read!
I’m looking for a Outlast 1×1 RP. Preferably long term.
Please keep in mind that I only accept 18+ RP partners.
My sole focus is for something along the lines of horror, suspense, a lot of tension and fear!
I don’t have any trigger warnings considering I love horror (that being films and stories that is) but if you have any triggers or of you are senstive to certain topics, be sure to tell me! I do have many and I mean many plots! I’m a very friendly person and I enjoy speaking to people. So if there is something, or a conversation you would like go strike with me, just send me a text outside of our rp!
My rules are:
-I only do Oc x Oc Or Oc x cannon
-I am not interested in human/animal hybrid really never caught my interest to begin with.
-If you are busy. That is perfectly fine. I am good at multitasking and getting replies out quickly for you to enjoy! But there are times that I will be busy. But I’ll never leave for days on end without replying to you. So you must be patience at times with me, what I am saying is if I don't reply for an hour or two. I would apprieate to not get constantly bothered about where I am. But in all, I really have a flexible schedule.
-I do double up Oc x Cannon. Meaning. I play the can in character for your OC’s interest. And you do the same for mines.
-I am in a select few of fandoms that I feel can be good for Horror themed RP. Though I don't do them often. The only franchise I would really be interested in RPing. Would be Outlast since that really is my main focus as of right now. Though, I will gladly look at other films, books, shows/series that anyone recommend, so in the near future I can have knowledge on a new RP!
-If not wanting to do an RP--Outlast wise. Oc x Oc is always on the table!
-Now. Personally. I like to twist things a lot. So that way, it won’t seem cliche and boring. But more exciting and fun. Which is how I get various plot ideas in mind. But. To not make the post too long. That can be explained in DMs
-I’m not sensitive to anything. I’m fine with NSFW content, discirptive images, and so on and so forth. My only thing is, if your character is underage/minor. I will not rp in any NSFW scenes with that underage character.
-I am advanced literate and often times write a alot. But that can be changed to your preference. You don’t have to be like me! But you do have to at least obtain a few paragraphs.
-I rp on Discord
What is Outlast? Outlast is horror game that came up in 2013. Revolving around a cooperation that conducted illegal experiments on paitents in a Mental Asylum called Mount Massive, located in Leadville, Colorodo. In the game, you play as a feeelance investigative journalist, named Miles Upshur who was called upon by a former IT Software Engineer named Waylon Park. Who witnessed these corrupt experiments, first hand. As Miles. You make it his job to make it out alive of Mount Massive, with footage to release to the public about the corruption and abuse to the paitents. Unknowlingly, Murkoff has an expermeint creature that was labeled⁠—Project Walrider.
My goal is to get a few people to rp Outlast me with. It really is a great game. I enjoy the plot and concept of it, and if you haven't heard of it. I recommend considering Halloween is just around the corner.
If you are interested in role-playing Outlast. This means this will have the Oc x Canon double up. I'm fairly good at playing any character in the game and already have a plot in mind.
If not wanting to do Outlast. It is perfectly fine! I am willi fly to do Oc x Oc—Which was covered above. And we can discuss plots!
But that’s all I have to cover. If interested. Just DM. Or comment under and I’ll get right to you!❤
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2020.10.19 13:52 Joker_ERP [M4A] (A playing as F) RP starter drop! come check them out :)

Hey there! I’m fairly new to the smut rp scene however I figured I’d jump in and give it a go. I’ve written out a few starters along with my ideas on each. I’m open to change or do other ideas too so feel free to talk to me about those : ).
As for my replies. I write in first person mainly and my reply length varies. I generally do anything from a few sentences to a paragraph or more and generally require my partner to do the same. Fair warning the less you reply with the less interested I’ll be in rping with you. (Not looking for a few words as a response)
I enjoy having a story to go along with the smut so it’s not just constant sex, some cute or action driven moments are fun as well. I mainly do my rps on kik, discord or here. I also have an RP facebook account, so feel free to ask for my users for those! : )
My kinks and limits list might be a big read, but none are compulsory. I’m just here to have fun and hopefully meet some cool rp partners : )
Kinks: Harems (Which might be obvious with my post), Incest, Outercourse (Which is stuff like titjobs, thigh jobs, grinding, hot dogging) Risky public spaces (Toilet stalls, changing booths. That kinda thing where people could get caught.) Facials, Freckles (Face and body). Big/nicely shaped bums (Especially if they jiggle). Creampies, Cum on tits/body, big cumshots, Thigh high socks. Mutual desire for sex.
Limits: Pregnancy (Hard limit sorry), Vomit, Piss, Blood, Toilet stuff, Rape, Gangbangs (Unless it’s multiple females) Male on Male.
There might be more that I’m forgetting so if you’re unsure feel free to ask me! The rougher side of sex like Name calling, slapping choking spanking I can all do as well! : ) Without further ado let’s jump into the starters!
Disclaimer: I am 18+ and all participants and characters must be 18+
Idea 1: My Harem (Hero) Academia.
(So my character will be a transfer into Class 1-A. His power is the power of persuasion. With the power he’s able to convince someone to do something as if it’s their own will. However, he’s hesitant to use it on other people and to tell everyone he even has it as he’s been outcast at his last school for the villainous nature of his quirk. As such he can’t use it to its full extent and can only issue small commands to begin with.
My idea with this is that one or more (cannon or non) of the girls decide to help him out in a private setting and overtime it gets more and more sexual in nature. And as he becomes more confident, he’s able to issue more longer-term commands. This can also be mixed in well with some story and some action to keep the plot interesting.)
Starter: It was a day which started like most others in Class 1-A. The students got ready in the dorms and headed to class to chat among themselves while they waited for Aizawa to enter. However, unlike most days there seemed to be an extra desk placed in the room. The seat caused some confusion which didn’t last long as the first bell rang and Aizawa entered the room.
“Morning everyone.” He stated in his mainly bored and sleepy tone which seemed to sound like he was stifling a yawn. “Today we’ve got a new student transferring in from another school. He’s from Shiketsu, some of you may recognize the name since it’s got the same level as prestige as U.A. but regardless make sure he feels welcome.” He said pointing a sweeping stare at everyone and finally resting on the problem child of the U.A class Bakugo.
With that he fell silent and I felt it was my cue to enter. Swallowing a little at the nerves I steeled them quickly and entered. My blue eyes sweeping over some of the familiar faces in the room. Many of the students had standout performances in the UA sports festival and as well in the news reports about the villain attack on the training camp.
I had a lot to live up to if I wanted to join these legends in training but regardless, I was determined to do just that. Breathing a little and shifting my auburn hair from my eyes I smiled the best I could. “My name is Schwarzer, Chris Schwarzer. It’s a pleasure to meet you all.” I say bowing to the class.
Satisfied with the introduction Aizawa nodded to the spare seat in the room. Taking that as an order I nodded back and headed over to my seat sitting down and getting my books out. Curiously I turned to the seat next to me noticing one of the girls in the class and gave her a slight smile as Aizawa began his lesson.
Idea 2: Fantasy harem adventure. (This one is fairly basic in nature. Basically, a young man with little combat experience leaves his poor hunting village once he’s of age and sets off to join the adventurer’s guild to make a name for himself and also to send money back home. He’s fairly modest, naive and kind hearted. Which makes him likable and easy to take advantage of.
We could add a story with war elements, racism and darker themes to show him that the world he idolizes isn’t as cracked up as he thought it’d be. Ideally, I’d like a full harem party for this one but I’m cool with one on one too.)
Starter: It had been a few days since I was finally able to leave the small village, I was raised in behind me. Sword on hip and keen to become an adventurer. Of course, I also wanted to make a name for myself and I was even more excited to see everything the world had to offer. With driving me forward I headed from my village over to the closest city which had a guild branch. A city called Ruan. It was nearly five times the size of my village if not more and yet it was nothing close to the capital city of Grancel.
Smooth dirt paths soon gave way to cobblestone and my boots clacked rhythmically against the pavement as my steps soon got faster and faster as Ruan came into view. My stomach was in knots as I gripped the straps on my bag tightly and after steeling my nerves and taking in the sight of the large city, I headed through the large stone arch to the busy streets beyond.
My excited eyes looked around at every nook and cranny as I took in every detail that was on offer. Soon coming across the large marble and wood building of the adventurer’s guild in front of me. I stood in front of the large building clearly awestruck and for a moment I felt completely overwhelmed. This was it. This was the first step I was going to take on my journey and yet I felt far too nervous to head inside. Instead I stood there shaking slightly as I tried to work up the courage to push those large oak doors aside and declare my presence to the world.
Idea 3: Man of the town. (So again the premise is also pretty basic. My character wakes up in a town where there’s no men, as if they all vanished at once. Including his father which leaves him home alone with his sister and mother. (It’s up to you if you want incest in the plot or not.) We can have a story with an element of mystery to it too if you want! Or we can just bounce around the town having him bonk as many different people as you want. )
Starter: It’s been a few weeks since all the men in the town vanished one day. One day they were there and the next they were gone. There was of course a panic even though it is much calmer than originally, it continues to creep in the back of everyone’s mind. It doesn’t help the fact that no outsiders have come into the town and some strange thick fog seems to stop everyone from leaving.
However, with no answers it was left to the women of the town to pick up the slack and try to push for some level of normalcy. Except for me it seemed. Since the whole act started, I was in lockdown not being free to leave my home since my mother and sister was much too paranoid that I’d disappear too. With the amount of time I spent indoors going stir crazy I began to wonder if it was better to be wherever the rest of them are.
Today was different though and finally I was given the chance to leave the house while my mother was careless and rather quickly, I headed out into the street just glad to take in the scenery as I headed over to a nearby park. I headed over the soft grass feeling it beneath my shoes and then to the pond where I took a seat on one of the mounted benches.
Idea 4: Zombie and Nuclear Apocalypse. (Not a whole lot to say here other than it’s one of your run of the mill Zombie/Nuclear apocalypse scenarios. I might toy with the idea of having multiple zombie types like games such as Dying light and Left for dead in order to spice things up a little but we’ll see where we go with it. As for nuclear I’ll probably be following along the Fallout franchise. Being part of these worlds will probably make my character a bit more brash, blunt and even a little rude. However, given some time he’ll warm up.)
Zombie Starter: No one knows quite when the outbreak started, however it swept over the globe causing panic. People eating people. People dying and coming back to life as a shambling corpse joining the armies of similar creatures. Society crumbled over time and the cities which were now hot zones for hordes of the undead creatures were left abandoned to all but the most daring or desperate of individuals. However, these rabid hordes weren’t the only thing to look out for in the apocalypse.
Society had begun to reform in its most primal form. People grouped together for safety. Those who just wanted to live peacefully became easy prey for those who saw the end of the world as we knew it as a playground to kill pillage and steal what they’d like. These bandits created their own factions with their own fortresses and seemed to have an endless supply of guns and ammo as they used it quite liberally.
I had been on the trail of a particularly nasty group of bandits as they razed whatever small settlements, they had to the ground callously and without mercy. I had just arrived at one of these towns. Dying people lay scattered about while fires licked at the makeshift buildings. It was still quite fresh. Approaching a nearby body which seemed to be moving slightly I turned it over the man was in bad shape and was clearly on death’s door. His eyes looking into mine in a pleading sense.
“Do you want me to make it quick?” I asked him reaching my left hand down to my machete which hung on my belt. Weakly his hand reached out to grip my right as he gave a nod. I knew the death wouldn’t be clean, as I unsheathed my blade. However, I couldn’t waste any ammo on my pistol nor could I risk tipping off the bandits that did this that I was following them. With a quick swing I slammed the blade into the head of the man ending his life and after wiping the blade off on his shirt I slid it back into its sheath my eyes scanning the immediate area for any of the undead which had turned or for a slim chance of getting a glimpse of survivors.
Nuclear Apocalypse Starter:
The world as we knew it ended in a flash. A white light followed by a rumble which washed over the world in nuclear fire. Billions died then and there reducing the worlds population to the brink. Those who were lucky to survive a direct blast were mutated to become much different than humans and more akin to zombies. Those outside of it didn’t have much quality of life as the radiation created mutated creatures which made living in a barren wasteland that much harder.
There were others however who were lucky enough to be given a spot in giant underground vaults. There they lived out their lives separated from the horrors that this new world wrought. One by one these vaults opened to allow these vault dwellers into the wasteland that was our world.
Their blue suits and clueless natures made them stand out and become easy prey to raiders, giant creatures and everything in between. Many of them didn’t get far before being gutted and robbed for their illusive vault suits which earned enough to feed a scavenger or bandit for a month.
The world and society began to rebuild. And with small settlements and towns popping up here and there it wasn’t all doom and gloom for the wasteland. Many were able to create jobs in local milita, mercenary work. Even trading or bartending.
I was such a mercenary a few generations of my family lived through the bombing and the radiation which was lucky enough for me, I guess. I was hired to do whatever someone wanted for the right price. And today I was tasked with delving into a recently opened vault and check make contact with the inhabitants inside.
Colt python on my waist I headed over to the large vault door which at this point was sealed shut and knocked loudly. This job seemed rather easy and was paying a lot which made me wonder who I was working for and what purpose they had with these vault dwellers. However, I wasn’t paid to ask questions nor did I really care at the end of the day. The less I knew the less guilt I could feel.
Idea 5: Brother sisteMother son (Or both).
(So, this starter is gonna be fairly generic, however it’s open to allowing any of the familial ties to be easily included. I have a few ideas for immediate family and will post them below and if you have any ideas, I’m happy to hear them.)
Starter: It’s a hot and lazy day in the middle of summer break. I had laid splayed out on the couch at home. Despite the air conditioner being on full blast my skin underneath my tank top was getting stuck to the leather couch; which did little to alleviate the heat fluster that was going on. I sighed after looking over the back of the couch to the pool outback longingly. I sighed a little resigning myself to bite the bullet and peeled myself from the couch.
As much as I wanted to strip down and run out, I wasn’t entirely sure if I was home alone and as such, I headed up to my room to change into a pair of swimming trunks before heading back downstairs. Passing through the laundry and grabbing a towel on the way.
I headed onto the back deck and draped my towel over the railing before I rushed over and leapt into the pool immediately feeling the cool water wash away any of the heat I had been feeling. I resurface and breathed a sigh of relief as I pushed my messy hair back from my face.
Idea 6: Aunt/Cousin. (Can be both) Again like the incest scene above I’m not quite sure how to spruce this one up so I’ll leave it rather basic and we can go from there.)
Starter: My family has gone on holiday without me as I had to stay behind due to being caught up in exams. Rather than meeting up with them later they decided it would be more fun for me if I finished them up then headed over to spend some time with my Aunt and my cousin across the county. While I wouldn’t be leaving the country, I was still getting a vacation in a way and as such I tried my best to be upbeat and positive about it, even if I was envious of the others.
While it wasn’t the same pristine beaches and high-class resorts that the rest of my family was going to, I was still grateful for the hospitality. The plane lands in the airport and after collecting my bags and checking my phone for a confirmation I was going to be picked up I sent my family and my aunt and cousin a quick text telling them I landed safely. After gathering my small suitcase from the conveyor belt, I wheeled it through security and out to the meeting area keeping my eyes peeled for any sign of my cousin or my auntie. There was a little confusion about who was going to greet me so I wasn’t sure who to expect myself.
Idea 7: Incest family vacation. (So this one is again going to be like the other two before it. They kinda roll off each other in a way. However, I believe it allows for a wide range of engagements with multiple characters at some kind of beach resort.)
Starter: It’s the dead middle of another scorching summer and rather than tough it out in our homes which has air-conditioning which never seemed to help, our large family decided to all go to a large resort (Could even be a cruise too) together. Many of the rooms were rather luxurious and I was more than excited to see what the rest of the hotel had to offer.
We pulled up into the lobby and while the parents were checking in I headed over to check out a map on the wall. It seemed there were quite a lot of different things to do around the resort. There was a pool with a poolside bar, a beach which had volleyball games, a massage parlour, hot tubs and many different activities ranging from native dances to eating competitions.
Just the realization we were here and the excitement at the many possibilities that could come from the vacation. Maybe I’d even meet someone nice and have a vacation fling. Although with so many family members running around, I doubted that I’d get much peace to do that. Regardless I was eager to get up to the room, have a shower and change into my swimming trunks to explore all the different places.
We headed up to the rooms where I noticed mine had a large double bed. However, judging by my mother’s comments outside It seemed there was some kind of mix-up in the rooms and I’d be sharing the room with one of my family members. Not that I minded too much. I placed my suitcase down and waited to see who would come in and if they were interested in joining me look around.
Closing words: So yeah that’s about it! Thanks for reading and if you have any questions or suggestions, I’m open to hearing them! I know this was probably a big read so thanks again for your time and I hope to talk to some of you soon!
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2020.10.19 11:37 Khan4546727 Vishal Bhardwaj Sets up Agatha Christie Indian Film Franchise

Link to article
Just some important passages from the article
Indian filmmaker Vishal Bhardwaj is developing a film franchise based on the works of Agatha Christie. The series will feature an entirely new pair of lead investigators.
The first film, due to shoot in early 2021, will introduce a young heroine who is thrown into solving a murder, and teams up with an unlikely companion to solve the case. Details of which Christie novel is being adapted for the film have not been revealed yet. The cast is currently being finalized.
Future films will follow the duo as they continue to investigate multiple murder mysteries.
“I’m truly excited at the prospect of developing a new Agatha Christie film franchise in India, and am delighted to be partnering with Vishal, who is a multitalented and visionary filmmaker with a terrific track record for adapting works to create memorable pieces of cinema,” said James Prichard, the great grandson of Christie and chair and CEO of ACL. “(Bhardwaj) has also demonstrated a real passion and understanding of my great grandmother’s characters and stories and I very much look forward to seeing where this project takes us.”
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Somehow, Vernon finds out that Harry is obscenely famous in The Wizarding World. I see it playing out during one of the rare outings where the family is somewhere with Harry tagging along, and a random wizard approaches them, gushing over meeting ‘the famous Harry Potter’. Even though he is repulsed by the Wizards' freakishness, Vernon is intrigued to learn that Harry has a gaggle of followers that he doesn't even know about. Vernon is in upper management, after all, and he recognizes an opportunity when he sees it.
Since Vernon seems like the type of person who is always looking for an angle to exploit, he glad-hands the wizard who recognized Harry, learning all he can in a bit to turn Harry's fame into riches. The star-struck wizard agrees to take Harry and Vernon to Diagon Alley. Vernon immediately latches onto his first money making scheme when they go into Flourish and Blotts - suing the absolute pants off of everyone who is using Harry's name and likeness without his permission in the books and merchandise which are so popular.
Having parted ways with their guide, Vernon asks others in Diagon Alley for the location of a reputable solicitor nearby. After a meeting with a Wizarding solicitor, Vernon uses his shrewd business acumen and formulates a plan to quickly establish control over Harry's novelty properties.
Of course, poor Harry’s head is swimming over this, but more importantly he's unhappy that his aunt and uncle lied to him about who his parents were and how they died. Vernon cooks up a story that isn't far from the truth; they were instructed not to tell Harry about his magical upbringing or to divulge anything about his parents, so they came up with a lie instead. Vernon admits they could have made it more respectful, but what's done is done. Vernon plays Harry like a client, turning on the compassion and sympathy to seal the deal.
Vernon explains that he can't keep all this money for himself by law anyway, since it's Harry's image and likeness that's being used. Harry and Vernon become business partners and Vernon will become his manager, since Harry isn't of age.
The Goblins of Gringotts never saw anything like Vernon Dursley coming, with his crazy muggle financial plans and a ruthless understanding of the currency exchange rate. Vernon grouses about the 40% he'll be obligated to set aside for Harry, but with all the money he'll make from this endeavor, Vernon will finally be able to realize his lifelong dream and start a company of his own.
Over the next three or four years before Harry starts Hogwarts, Vernon chaperones Harry to autograph signings, book signings, public appearances, ribbon cuttings, hand-shaking events and literally any other thing where wizards will pay galleons to see the Boy-Who-Lived. This might even attract the attention of Gilderoy Lockhart, who invites them to go on a book tour together with him. I even picture Vernon and Gilderoy becoming friends, picking each other's brains for marketing advice.
So what are the effects of all of this? Well for Harry, he goes from being the resented scullery maid to being the face of the franchise. I don't see him ever being entirely comfortable with his Fame, but he finally gets used to it long before he goes to Hogwarts. Things are chill with his aunt and uncle and Dudley. Dudley actually thinks it's pretty cool that his cousin is famous although he doesn't really understand why. As long as the food and distractions keep coming, Dudley is fine with leaving Harry alone.
As long as the goose keeps laying golden eggs, Vernon knows better than to treat it poorly. They already treated Harry pretty crappy up to the point before they could cash in on his Fame, So Vernon decides to treat him decently so he will go along with the business. Vernon got over his views on freakishness pretty quickly when he got the first cheques from Gringotts and the keys to the new 3-storey, 5 bedroom place in Shepperton.
Since Vernon was already spoiling Dudley with Vernon’s money, he has no problem spoiling Harry with Harry's money, so Harry's Diagon Alley trip after he gets his letter becomes the stuff of legend. A ridiculously expensive, 5 compartment trunk with so many enchantments on it that it vibrates in The 9th Dimension, A Quantum Nimbus 2001, bespoke everything… just, anything and everything to make the Malfoys look like paupers.
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2020.10.19 03:02 RavenDeadeye The Color Trial of RavenDeadeye

Hey everyone, thanks for taking a look at this!
I'm a returning Magic player & a big fan of the color pie, so I'm excited that this subreddit exists! Can't wait to read all your comments! I cleaned up the formatting of the original trial prompt a bit; hope that's alright.
If you have any additional questions, or if there's anything I can clarify, just ask!
(Also, I took the word-association color assessment a bit ago; I will post the results in the comments for reference.)
1) What can you tell us about your goals and dreams? What motivates you to pursue them, and how exactly do you do so? What is that keeps you breathing?
Well, I've never had a singular, overriding passion for a specific subject; I often envy those who do, since they probably have an easier time figuring out what to do with their lives. Instead, I find a wide array of things interesting; always have been naturally curious about most everything. I try to learn everything I can about what interests me, exploring & discovering all the fascinating facets of the world!
I value the pursuit of knowledge through science, rationality, & philosophy. While I'm not employed in a research capacity, learning, exploring, & gaining understanding are vitally important to me. It's critical that those values define society as well.
Of vital importance to me is striving for societal progress & advancement; this influenced my area of study during college, the jobs I held immediately afterwards, & the volunteering I do now. I want everyone to enjoy liberty, justice, & equality, so I'll do what I can to help make that a reality! Nobody deserves to face discrimination or suffer from poverty, & we can shape society to ensure that nobody does.
On a personal level, I am motivated to work hard to build a good life for myself & my romantic partner, perhaps eventually raising a family together. We're best friends, so I want our relationship to be healthy & fulfilling for both of us.
2) How do you act, and what is important to you aside from your goals?
When I'm on the job, I try to do the best work I can & help out my co-workers whenever possible, but I tend towards laziness & procrastination when I'm on my own time. It's hard for me to make decisions or get started on projects, even something as simple as answering this questionnaire!
I enjoy spending my free time reading, researching, figuring out new concepts, and solving problems or puzzles. Needless to say, I love games, especially Magic: The Gathering & RPGs of many varieties. Self-expression through gaming is something that I find engaging.
More generally, it's important to me that my decisions & self-expression are in line with my personal values & my own identity. I want to understand myself as best I can, be true to my inner self, & improve myself to be a better person.
3) What are you looking for in a partner or friend? Which is to say, what aspects of humanity do you value the most?
Kindness, selflessness, compassion, intelligence, rationality, honesty, & creativity. Above all else, love!
I admire humanity for the amazing things we can build or accomplish when we work together & live in peace.
4) Imagination is such a gateway into the id: You are granted a super-human ability, what would you choose and how would you wield that power?
This is a tough one! There's so many powers that could be useful...
What's less tough is how I would use it, which would be as the archetypical superhero fighting for truth, justice, liberty, & equality. I love heroes like Batman, Captain America, Captain Marvel, & Obi-Wan Kenobi.
I think I'd pick the ability to perform a blink teleport, like Nightcrawler from X-Men; that seems like a powerful option for combat, rescues, & espionage alike. Other stuff that comes to mind would be flight, creating force fields/shields, or invisibility.
5) On matters of cognition, what is something that people do or value that you have a hard time comprehending why?
Hurting other people for personal benefit. Pursuing power or wealth for its own sake. Rejecting rationality & science. Embracing fascism, authoritarianism, fundamentalism, or conspiracy thinking.
The common factor in all of these, I think, is choosing not to care about other people.
6) Here is an opportunity to say anything to better reveal your attitudes and idiosyncrasies. Please, make it entertaining!
Where to begin...
Generally, I'm pretty introverted, but I do love getting to know people & spending time with friends. I tend to be somewhat humorous, snarky or sarcastic with people I'm comfortable with, but never want to hurt or offend anyone by it. (Being considerate of others is everyone's responsibility.)
I'm a huge fan of both science fiction & fantasy across many different mediums. Star Wars & Magic: The Gathering probably my favorite franchises; I love the galactic or multiverse settings since they enable so many different stories to be told. Definitely an unapologetic nerd. While I wouldn't say I'm overly materialistic, I do enjoy collecting things; mostly Magic cards, but also books & other media, neat trinkets, & some Star Wars models.
Obviously, I love birds, especially ravens! I also love aircraft, spacecraft, learning about outer space, & the history of aviation & spaceflight.
Reading about mythology & world history is something I greatly enjoy; it's fun imagining what life was like for people in other times & places. Learning about & appreciating all the countless diverse, beautiful, amazing cultures of the world is one of my favorite things! Also, I really dig the aesthetics of ancient Norse, Germanic, & Celtic culture.
Taking personality assessments is a bit of a guilty pleasure of mine! I've been typed as INxx (INTJ, INFJ, & INFP variously; the most recent reputable assessment I took returned INTJ, but I need to know more before I accept those results) on the MBTI, & as 6w5 on the Enneagram. I oscillate between Lawful Good & Neutral Good on the D&D alignment matrix; I'm not sure which is either the best match for myself or the morally optimal choice. I feel affinity for the classical elements of Air primarily & Water secondarily.
Lastly, I tend to talk or type too much once I get going; sorry for the long post!
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2020.10.17 18:56 louisgacsi The Big 5 by 2025

THE BIG 5 BY 2025
We see Walmart as our friend, best prices, rarely out of stock, many open 24/7, and stores mostly every where, the best part of it all is one stop shopping. Gotta love it.
Background information showing the beginning of Walmart to better understand about the connection between the 5 by 2025.
The first true Walmart opened on July 2, 1962, in Rogers, Arkansas.[21] Called the Wal-Mart Discount City store.
Walton opened the chain in 1962 and built up the retailer to be the largest in the country in just 30 years.\_Walton
Samual Walton the Founder of the Wal-Mart chain
About Walmart
Walmart Inc: helps people around the world to save money and live better- anytime and any where- in retail stores, online, and through their mobile devices. Each week, over 275 million customers and members visit more than 11,000 stores under 58 banners in 27 countries and eCommerce websites. With fiscil year 2019 revenue of $514.4 billion, Walmart employs over 2.2 million associates world wide. Walmart continues to be a leader in sustainability, corporate philanthropy and employment opportunity. Additional information about Walmart can be found by visiting on Facebook at and on Twitter at
Walmart net profit 2019
2020 has hit the people where it creates the most destruction, our small business. One would think that everyone would see the effects due to job loses, the small and medium companies are fighting to stay afloat paying their bills, but not walmart. They have been increasing their wealth by 123% compared to 2019.
During a lock down essential services, l do realize that their needs to be food stores included. However their is no reason to keep stores open that carry anything from food, furniture, clothing, camping, automotive, etc... In theory this sound good except the fact that only food is classified as essentials.
All of the local food store that just handle food are told to close their doors, this behaviour is just plain bias.
We see that our leaders lock down the country, for what ever reason they feel we need to know changing from day to day. We seem to listen to the government news and believe them with no hard facts.
The people have been herded into the direction of the 5 monster entities, all of the others must be shut down because of the fear of dying. Here are some facts from Walmart web site, the numbers are sickening.
Walmart annual net income for 2020 was $14.881B, a 123.1% increase from 2019.
Maybe it is time to ask questions about the pre-meditated destruction of our lives, but are scared or just plain not wanting to be properly informed.
Every item purchase at Walmart helps bankrupt another local business. How do we sleep at night? This is just the beginning of what Walmart turned into in 20 years, the connection with the United Nations Global Governance Agenda, " green Planet all in it Togetter. This is not the only time you will hear this, it is being woven into our economy as well as our personal lives.
Walmart is listed as a partner
Walmart Sells To Chinese Investment Group For Over $500B
China is one of the charter members of the United Nations and is one of five permanent members of its Security Council.
One of the victorious Allies of the Second World War (locally known as the Second Sino-Japanese War), the Republic of China) (ROC) joined the UN upon its founding in 1945.\_and\_the\_United\_Nations
2019 Environmental, Social & Governance Report\_proxyDocument?id=0000016c-20b5-d46a-afff-f5bdafd30000
Is the picture getting clearer?
Walmart Joins Amazon With Massive Sustainability Pledge
Amazon as we must know, they are one of the 5 elite companies backing the 2030 Agenda.
Where It’s Going: Walmart’s $25 Million COVID-19 Commitment
One would think that a company that is making more money than most can even imagine, would contribute a whopping $ 25 million for CV-19 shows how important it is to have a healthy nation who will flock to them to spend our money. No they choose to give the appearance of caring. if this isn't a good reason to boycott the stores like, Walmart, Amazon, Proctor and Gamble, and the Super chain stores better known as Loblaw the heavy hitters of the elite stores. The last one that impacts our lives to the core, they are the reason l am writing this article about the controllers of society, soon down to our very thoughts.
Jeff Bezos Amazon
In late 1993, Bezos decided to establish an online bookstore\_Bezos#Amazon
Amazon Doubles Profit To $5.2 Billion As Online Shopping Spikes
Amazon annual/quarterly net income history and growth rate from 2006 to 2020. Net income can be defined as company's net profit or loss after all revenues, income items, and expenses have been accounted for.
Amazon net income for the quarter ending June 30, 2020 was $5.243B, a 99.73% increase year-over-year.
Amazon net income for the twelve months ending June 30, 2020 was $13.180B, a 8.96% increase year-over-year.
Amazon annual net income for 2019 was $11.588B, a 15.04% increase from 2018.
Amazon annual net income for 2018 was $10.073B, a 232.11% increase from 2017.
Amazon annual net income for 2017 was $3.033B, a 27.92% increase from 2016.
Bezos is pumping $10 billion into climate science.
Jeff climate change philanthropy has quite a few (hidden) strings attached
Procter & Gamble
Candlemaker William Proctor, born in England and soapmaker James Gamble bore in Ireland, both emigrated from the UK. They settled in Cincinnati, Ohio initially and met when they married sisters Olivia and Elizabeth Norris. Alex Norris, their father-in-law, persuaded them to become business partners, and in 1837 P/C was created.
For the fiscal year 2018, Procter & Gamble reported earnings of US$9.750 billion, with an annual revenue of US$66.832 billion, an increase of 2.7% over the previous fiscal cycle. Procter & Gamble's Shares traded at over $86 per share in 2017, and its market capitalization was valued at over US$221.5 billion in October 2018.[35] Procter & Gamble ranked No. 42 on the 2018 Fortune 500 list of the largest United States corporations by total revenue.
 Year Revenue 
in mil. USD$
 Net income 
in mil. USD$
 Total Assets 
in mil. USD$

 2005 56,741 6,923 61,527 

 2006 68,222 8,684 135,695 

 2007 74,832 10,340 138,014 

 2008 79,257 12,075 143,992 

 2009 76,694 13,436 134,833 

 2010 78,938 12,517 128,172 

 2011 82,559 11,564 138,354 

 2012 83,680 10,500 132,244 

 2013 84,167 11,068 139,263 121,000 

 2014 83,062 11,390 144,266 118,000 

 2015 76,279 6,777 129,495 110,000 

 2016 65,299 10,508 127,136 105,000 

 2017 65,058 15,326 120,406 95,000 

 2018 66,832 9,750 118,310 92,000 

 2019 67,684 3,897 115,095 97,000 
The board of directors of Procter & Gamble currently has 12 members.[36]

July 2019
As a global citizen, we are concerned about the negative consequences of climate change and believe governments, industry, and consumers all have a role to play in reducing greenhouse gas emissions to the atmosphere. We are committed to doing our part by focusing our efforts in the following areas:

  1. Reducing the intensity of greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) from our own operations through:
    1. Driving energy efficiency measures throughout our facilities
    2. Transitioning energy sources toward lowezero carbon alternatives
    3. Driving more energy-efficient modes of transporting finished products
  2. We will help consumers to reduce their own GHG emissions through the use of our products via:
    1. Product and packaging innovations that enable more efficient consumer product use and energy consumption
    2. Consumer education to reduce GHG emissions such as the benefits of using cold water for machine washing
  3. Work with partners across our value chain to ensure responsible sourcing of agricultural commodities that are known to be associated with deforestation risks (e.g. palm oil, wood pulp).
  4. Work with our suppliers to identify meaningful opportunities to reduce our Scope 3 emissions
We will share progress on our overall climate change efforts, including reporting our Scope 1, 2, and 3 greenhouse gas emissions and progress against our goals, via our annual Citizenship Report.
Loblaw Companies/ super stores
Real Canadian Superstore is a chain of supermarkets owned by Canadian food retailing giant Loblaw Companies. Its name is often shortened to Superstore.
Originating in Western Canada in the late 1970s/early 1980s, the banner expanded into Ontario in the early 2000s as Loblaw attempts to fend off competition from department stores including U.S.-based Walmart.
Loblaw Companies Limited is the largest Canadian food retailer, encompassing corporate and franchise supermarkets operating under 22 regional and market segment banners (including Loblaws), as well as pharmacies, banking and apparel.[3] Loblaw operates a private label program that includes grocery and household items, clothing, baby products, pharmaceuticals, cellular phones, general merchandise, and financial services. Loblaw brands include President's Choice, No Name), Joe Fresh, T&T, Exact, life, Seaquest, Azami, and Teddy's Choice
Coronavirus outbreak in Canada lifts sales by 10.8%
2020 second quarter high lights
Reverue was $11,957 million. When compared to 2019, this represanted an increase of 4824 million, or 7%.
Retail segment sales were $11,768 million. When compared to the second quarter of 2019 this represented an increase of $862 million, or 7.9%.
Full article linked below:
Match made in food heaven:
CV-19 has been the only time where every Canadian felt food insecure. Every one of us, "she says". "People were scared for their families, themselves, because they didn't know the food supple chain wasn't broken; it was just changing"
And more change is coming. We currently have over 500 stores donating food but have now committed $ 1 million over 5 years to go towards the expansion of the platform into our stores that aren't currently participatiog in surplus food donations.
Full article below
Google CEO and key executive team
This group are the ones who have made it possible for the bad thing to be accepted as normal, as well as acceptable.
As of October 2020, the net worth of google is estimated at around $320 billion.
Google doesn't need an introduction about their control of the flow of information. We are mostly aware of the connections to the powerful on the planet.
These entities would be in line to supply all of the peoples needs their masters in control of coarse.
It is 2020 and one year ago we had no idea of what 2020 will bring. How many citizens of society knew this was coming? A very small percentage.
For the general population their vision is to supply only what they decide what we require, to keep making them richer. The next 5 years will show what they feel we need, this will not include eating out, having out door gatherings as well as in doors. Mostly everything we took for granted in 2019 will be erased by 2025. One might say this is a conspiracy theory, let me remind you that in 2019 we said being stopped from work, and kids not in school was impossible. Look at us now.
I will be adding more as the information comes available.
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2020.10.17 17:15 Tielc Is there bad blood between Hasbro & Games Workshop?

With this new release of Hero Quest, I find it unfortunate that Games Workshop is neither involved or even acknowledging this release.
This product was such a gateway for nearly everyone I know who plays tabletop war games today. I fondly remember looking through the Citadel Miniatures catalog that came with the original box, piquing my interest more and more every time. The old school marines, the dwarf slayers and the Ork shock attack gun, wanting to know more about these games. Eventually I poured hard earned money at a young age into Warhammer Fantasy and Warhammer 40K as a result and still play these games today in some form or another.
I’m just wondering, does hasbro not want GW massive social media presence and marketing engine even in the slightest. Does Games Workshop not want people to know of a game that could scrape a measly $150 that amounts to table scraps for them from them? This product at a minimum is a solid loss leader for them. Opening new customers up to their franchises. GW today is trying to capture newer, younger players with comics, action figures, and easy to assemble versions of their models in store. But I would argue, the single best thing they could have done was partner with an industry giant like Hasbo, like they did in the past with MB.
In marketing, awareness is everything, and both companies have a lot to gain from one another.
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2020.10.17 11:29 SinJiMin What each team needs: Part 1 T1/SKT Edition

Hey i was thinking of starting threads focusing on teams that underperformed this year or maybe that are imploding. We talk issues and what we think would benefit each team.
I thought to start with one of the most recognizable orgs that is most surely gonna get through LCK franchising without sweating, SKT or T1 as they rebranded last year. Ill go lane by lane.
Toplane - I like Canna quite a bit, he was also a rookie so i think leaving him on is the best call
Jungle - Ive been a fan of Cuzz for years but he underperformed and hes no super young talent anymore. I havent loved Ellim much but hes super new, also IDK have much high regard T1 has him in. Id keep him but get a new jungler, if you can't get someone great try a fresh face and have them battle it out
Mid - Don't know the plan here, but keep Faker id say, im not a huge fan of Clozer but same issue as Ellim, tiny sample size, but Clozer has way tougher competition
ADC - Daddy is great, sorry i mean Teddy
Support - I think effort has had his chances and i feel he's regressed this year in particular despite a top 2 ADC partner. Lehends maybe is an option but idk how much of a step up he really is. Maybe Teddy can get someone he likes but that doesnt always work for the rest of the team. Bring back Core from NA would be pretty strong but i seriously hope not as a TL fan
Coaching Staff - This is the big one, i hated the style they used this whole year, very season 7. Better coaching and drafting with this lineup, even with all their issues included, wouldve gotten them to worlds no sweat. Best coaching staff in KR is Damwon and T1 had DWG coaches last yearand it didnt go great. Im no fan of Cvmax, hes great with young talent but also an expert at underperforming to expectations. No other korean coach seems great this year, and i highly doubt theyd bring a foreigner in
This is what i think lane to lane, what do you all think?
Top is fine, jungle is hard to pinpoint but might be fine, mid is fine, adc is fine, support needs a change, coaching REALLLY needs a change
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2020.10.17 06:20 KagsTheOneAndOnly [Tjarks] The Rockets barely went over the luxury tax (just $3.65 million over) in their one season (2015-16) as a taxpayer. (Meanwhile,) the Warriors spent $49.63 million in penalties over the last five seasons, while even the small-market Thunder spent $33.73 million.

Daryl Morey Found a Way to Succeed With One Hand Tied Behind His Back by Jonathan Tjarks

Unlike his former lieutenant Sam Hinkie in Philadelphia, Morey was never allowed to rebuild through the draft. He took over a title contender with two future Hall of Famers (Yao Ming and Tracy McGrady) in 2007, but both suffered career-ending injuries during the next few seasons, devastating blows that should have forced the Rockets to start over. But Alexander never agreed to let Morey try his hand at the Process, instead forcing a rebuild from the middle of the standings. Morey’s only goal from 2010 to 2012 was to stay above water; he won 34 to 43 games those seasons and then pounced when the Thunder made James Harden available.
Harden and Morey didn’t just change the NBA in eight seasons together. They did it with one hand tied behind their backs. Harden went from being part of a Big Three with two other top-five picks in Oklahoma City (Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook) to one with Chandler Parsons (a second-rounder) and Jeremy Lin (an undrafted free agent). Houston never drafted in the lottery during Harden’s time there. They won on the margins, constantly churning their roster and winning enough that other stars (Dwight Howard and Chris Paul) wanted to play for them.
But there was always something missing. The Rockets never paired Harden with a frontcourt player who could be the focal point of the offense. Houston was forced to make do with fairly limited personnel for much of the Harden era. Just compare his supporting casts with Steph Curry’s. Harden never had his version of Draymond Green, much less Durant. He had no pick-and-roll partner who could make the correct reads in four-on-three situations, or draw a double-team and kick the ball out to him. He mostly played with 3-and-D players who needed him to spoon-feed them open shots.
That’s why Morey had to reinvent the wheel when it came to designing an offense to hunt for the most efficient shots. He was running a shell game, using smoke and mirrors to overcome a lack of elite personnel. No team has won an NBA title since the turn of the millennium without at least one player 6-foot-7 or taller who averaged more than either 18 points or three assists per game. A team starting Clint Capela and P.J. Tucker up front shouldn’t have been able to win 65 games. Conventional wisdom about the Rockets confuses causation with correlation. They didn’t come up short in the playoffs because they were running gimmicks; those gimmicks are the reason they were deep in the playoffs in the first place.
But getting 90 percent of the production for 50 percent of the price ended up backfiring once they got there. The Warriors exposed Houston’s lack of versatility, most famously when the Rockets missed 27 straight 3s in Game 7 of the Western Conference finals in 2018. Morey was criticized for not having a Plan B when his team went cold from the perimeter, but he couldn’t have asked limited offensive players like Ariza and Tucker to take pull-up jumpers, break down defenses off the dribble, or hit cutters out of the high post. Building a team with established veterans who play fundamentally sound basketball on both ends of the floor costs a lot of money.
And that was the one thing that Morey never really had. According to the cap numbers at Spotrac, which go back to the 2010-11 season, the Rockets barely went over the luxury tax (just $3.65 million over) in their one season (2015-16) as a taxpayer. The Warriors spent $49.63 million in penalties over the last five seasons, while even the small-market Thunder spent $33.73 million. There was no excuse for Houston to not open up the checkbook. This is a franchise located in the fourth-biggest metro area in the U.S. that has had a superstar in the prime of his career. Alexander sat on his hands while Houston’s rivals went all in, counting on Morey’s ability to use advanced statistics to turn water into wine.
This refusal to spend money became farcical once Alexander sold the team to Tilman Fertitta in 2017. Fertitta spent so much money ($2.2 billion) to purchase the Rockets that he may not have had the liquidity to go into the red to build a title contender. Houston was a laughingstock around the league for the amount of juggling it had to do to stay under the tax. The best example came at the trade deadline last season, when Morey used a future first-round pick to shed the salaries of Brandon Knight and Marquese Chriss. There was no basketball reason for the move. It was just done to cut costs. It’s not that Knight and Chriss would have helped the Rockets. But there were certainly a lot of better things that Morey could have used that pick for...
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2020.10.17 03:04 InfernoAA Rebook Sami Zayn on the Main Roster Part Two: Underdog From the Apex

(For mobile users)

SummerSlam 2016
In the fallout of Battleground, RAW & SD embark on their new eras, Monday Nights setting up an 8-Man Tournament that culminates at SummerSlam to crown the inaugural Universal Champion. The first round sees Kevin Owens defeat Cesaro, Finn Balor defeat Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins defeat Neville, and despite being knackered from the night before, Zayn is able to eke his way past Chris Jericho to advance. He isn’t so lucky the following week though, being paired up against Rollins, who attacks him before the match, capitalising on his injuries to leave him even worse for wear heading into their match, able to pin him for an easy, cheap victory.
Meanwhile, Balor’s ascension continues as he eliminates Owens, the Finals locked in place with Balor & Rollins scheduled to take on each other. However, due to being eliminated from the tournament in the fashion he was, Zayn pleads for a second chance, knowing he has what it takes, thus being granted a rematch against Rollins, in which if he wins, he’s added to the match to make it a Triple Threat! And so, the Architect and the U.F.T.U put on a stellar match the following week, Zayn channelling his underdog heart to pull through to the other end with the upset victory, the UV match now a 3-way!
Come SummerSlam, in the semi-main event of the night, Zayn, Rollins and Balor battle it out for the right to be crowned the inaugural UV Champ! The former IC Champ gets a strong showing throughout the bout, coming close to winning on multiple occasions and solidifying himself as a credible main event talent in the wake of his feud with Owens, finally able to display his talents to the fullest extent. However, no matter the heart and soul he pours into the match, a Coup de Grace from Balor puts him away whilst Rollins is laid out at ringside, unable to break the pinfall, thus crowning Balor the first-ever Universal Champion!

Clash of Champions 2016
Unfortunately, having sustained a shoulder injury at SS, Balor is forced to vacate the title like real life, meaning the search for a new World Champion begins once more. 4 Qualifying matches take place for a spot in the 4-Way Elimination match for the vacant title, one of those match-ups being Zayn vs Rollins, the two men clashing once again in a brilliant bout. As Zayn gets ready to nail his patented Helluva Kick and score the victory though, he’s distracted at ringside by CHRIS JERICHO, allowing Rollins to catch him with a Superkick/Pedigree combo to move on!
As a result of Jericho’s appearance, Y2J invites Zayn to come out to his show, Sami accepting, wanting some answers anyway, ready to raise his fist if need be. Jericho proceeds to run down Zayn, claiming he’s a disgrace to the Canadian name, getting lucky against a living legend like himself and not even going on to win the UV Title at SS. Before the same blunder could be made twice, Chris saved the day and made sure the right Canadian, his new partner Kevin Owens, became champ, and so he did.
Jericho tries to get a sneaky shot in on Zayn to pay him back for eliminating him, going for the Codebreaker, only for Zayn to turn it into an Exploder Suplex, Jericho leaving before Sami can nail the Helluva Kick! Showing him they have unfinished business, Zayn wrecks the Highlight Reel as a horrified Chris watches on, yelling at him to stop, until he finally gives in and pleads that they can have a match at Clash of Champions but just don’t destroy his million-dollar equipment. Seeing it to be a fair trade, Zayn accepts, the match made official for CoC!
It’s a very technical match-up between the Canadians at the PPV, Zayn looking to set-up for his patented Koji Clutch, whilst Jericho aims for the Walls of Jericho, even tossing in a momentary Liontamer and he looks to torture Sami! In the end, the crafty veteran goes to the well with one too many tricks, allowing Zayn to nail the Helluva Kick and score the victory over Jericho once more! Later in the night, the Ayatollah of Rock N’ Rolla appears during the main event to help Owens retain against Rollins, only for Zayn to also appear and chase him off, the distraction though allowing the Prizefighter to remain champion!

Hell in a Cell 2016
As if his issues with Owens were never to end, Zayn finds himself in the title race between Owens and Rollins, the newly-turned face Seth demanding a clean rematch for the belt, only for Sami to step in, stating that with the win he scored over Jericho, the man Owens seemingly replaced him with until he decides to get rid of him like everyone else (which gets uneasy looks from Chris), he believes he should also get a UV Title shot!
Whilst Zayn doesn’t immediately receive a shot, he sticks around as Owens and Rollins go at it again on RAW, this time with no Jericho or Zayn allowed at ringside, only for Jericho’s theme to play which distracts Rollins, causing him to fall victim to the Pop-Up Powerbomb! After the match, he’s beaten down 2-on-1 by Owens & Jericho, only for Zayn to make the save and help Rollins clear the ring of them! As Rollins turns to take a look at the UV Title left on the canvas, he realises it’s already in Zayn’s hands, the former IC Champ clearly not here for Rollins sake, but instead having his own interests at heart.
With the feud between the 4 men only continuing to heat up, Jericho’s interference proving to be an issue, a 3-way Hell in a Cell match is made between them for the title, made to keep Y2J out of the ring! However, Owens & Jericho complain about the decision, claiming that if he’s to be ganged up on by Zayn and Rollins, Jericho should at least be given a chance to be there in his corner, or better yet, in the ring with him. And so, a tag match is made between Zayn & Rollins and Owens & Jericho, the stip being that if the latter team wins, Jericho can be Special Guest Referee in the match! Through all the shenanigans in the world, Owens & co. pull away with the victory, allowing Jericho to don the stripes.
At HIAC, it quickly becomes clear that Zayn isn’t here to help Rollins fight the two off, but because of his own personal issues with Owens, the BG loss still stinging in the back of his mind, and now Owens beating him to the punch by winning a World Title first too thanks to interference from HHH not sitting right with him at all. Zayn and Owens bring their classic violence to the table whilst Rollins interjects with his own crazy spots and Jericho proves to be the master manipulator of the match, looking to screw Zayn & Rollins over as much as he can. In the end, as Zayn is tossed from the apron into the cage wall thanks to a 2-on-1 assault, Owens is able to pin Rollins after a Pop-Up Powerbomb to retain!

Survivor Series 2016
Not much changes here except that Zayn is chosen for the team instead of Jericho, which receives outrage from the former World Champ. Whilst not particularly in it for the Brand Warfare, he’s offered a rematch for the UV Title if he can be one of the team’s sole survivors, and also gets to have a few cool match snippets against the likes of Team SD’s AJ Styles, Dean Ambrose and Randy Orton during the inter-branded match itself.
At Survivor Series, Zayn makes it to a 3-on-2 stand-off against the Wyatt Family, Zayn going right after them due to them being behind his elimination in the Rumble at the beginning of the year, but a miscommunication from Rollins costs Zayn, leading to him to be pinned and eliminated from the match, his chance at another World Title shot wasted…

Roadblock: End of the Line 2016
Following the final Big 4 PPV of the year, Rollins comes out to demand one final shot at Owens, believing that with no shenanigans whatsoever, he can beat KO, but before the champ can come out to respond, he’s cut-off by Zayn! The Underdog From the Underground is clearly unhappy about what happened in the 5v5, Rollins costing Zayn the opportunity to challenge Kevin himself, and as he goes to approach the Architect about it, Seth tries to play it off like it’s water under the bridge, causing Zayn to let loose on the mic!
He claims that Rollins has been eating long enough, being handed opportunity after opportunity whilst Zayn had to scratch and claw his way to everything, Rollins becoming the first NXT Champion like that whilst Zayn had to put everything he loved on the line, Rollins becoming WWE Champion for 200+ days and yet still coming out here to demand more shots whilst Zayn is yet to reach said pinnacle he deserves to be at. He’s screwed Sami out of enough opportunities, now it’s time they put a stop to this with one more match to see who the better man is! Rollins acquiesces and the bout it made official for Roadblock!
Unlike prior encounters where there was a clear face-heel dynamic, Rollins attacking Zayn before their first match and trying to cheat in their second, this one has a lot more blurred lines, both men simply doing whatever it takes to outdo the other on the quest to becoming UV Champ. As Rollins teases putting Zayn away with his old Curb Stomp, he’s caught and reversed into an EXPLODER SUPLEX, a HELLUVA KICK following to put away the ex-Shield member on PPV!

Royal Rumble 2017
With a tough victory over Seth under his belt, Zayn continues on his journey to attain World Title success as he announces his entry into the Rumble, this time entering much earlier into the match, #8 being his position, which only one person has won from, giving him hope that he can become the second. Putting on an incredible Iron Man performance, Zayn lasts the longest out of anyone in the match as he clocks over 50 minutes, surpassing Jericho who gets eliminated a little earlier in the bout whilst picking up some big eliminations like Strowman, avenging the Monster Among Men eliminating him last year, allowing Zayn to make it to the Final 4 also including United States Champion Roman Reigns, Bray Wyatt and Randy Orton! He doesn’t let the star-power faze him, putting on quite the display after making it so far, but alas, he’s tossed over the ropes to the outside, unable to last any longer, his dreams of challenging UV Champ Owens at WM shattered…

Fastlane 2017
Whilst he didn’t walk out as the Rumble winner, his performance didn’t go unnoticed by his peers, namely the man who made it furthest for RAW, the US Champ himself, Roman Reigns. However, as much as he was impressed by Zayn, he isn’t one to hand out title shots willy-nilly, so if Zayn wants a crack at his gold, he’ll have to earn it first. Cue an angry Braun Strowman, who’s clearly not finished with Sami, the two men having issues with each other stemming from the 30-Man extravaganza.
Due to both men wanting to face Reigns, they’re put in a #1 Contender’s match against each other in which Zayn puts on a star-making David vs Goliath performance, getting Strowman over well but still walking out with his own hand raised in victory! As promised, the match between Zayn and Reigns for the US Title is made official for the final stop on the road to WM, Fastlane.
Whilst Reigns was in the main event last year, defeating Ambrose and Lesnar to earn a shot at the WWE Champ at WM, he’s here tonight taking on former IC Champ Zayn, who’s looking to make big on the opportunity and finally start turning things in his favour, rebounding from his unsuccessful World Title chase. At first, Reigns severely underestimates his foe, thinking if Cena could beat him the way he did, he should have no problem himself.
However, this Zayn is a much more evolved version of him, Zayn giving Reigns the type of fight Daniel Bryan gave him two years prior, leaving the Big Dog stunned! Nonetheless, Reigns goes for his patented Spear finisher to cap off the match, but he falls right into the Exploder Suplex/Helluva Kick trap, Zayn nailing a second one just for good measure, before scoring the 1…2…3! SAMI ZAYN IS THE NEW UNITED STATES CHAMPION! Much like Rollins, Reigns is taken aback by Sami’s victory, but ever the sportsman, he shows the new champ the deserved respect, giving him the big rub on his way to the apex.

WrestleMania 33
Back on top as a champion, Zayn could not be happier, making up for his multiple shortcomings the past few months by landing the jackpot. Bringing back an old classic, Zayn re-introduces the US Open Challenge, wanting to give others the same opportunity he once received courtesy of Cena. Multiple challengers step up, but the one leading the pack is the recently called-up Samoan Submission Machine, Samoa Joe! Hired as a mercenary by Triple H to take out Rollins, Joe turns his attention on choking out more souls and claiming gold, and what better place to start at then Zayn’s US Title?
Joe tears into Sami on the mic, bringing up their series of matches one year ago in NXT where Joe ended up as the ultimate victor between the two. He gives Zayn credit where credit’s due for his resilient performances, but he has to remember that he’s no Rollins or Reigns or Owens. He’s the man who’s going to take his title, but he’s willing to give Zayn some time to prepare for their match so there are no excuses afterwards, giving him till WM to accept the challenge! Zayn fires back with his own words, putting Samoa over for his success since Sami left NXT, but now that he’s at the big dance, the only person that’s going to choke at WM is Joe himself, Zayn accepting!
Zayn walks into the match as champion for the first time at the Grandest Stage of Them All unlike last year where he only left with gold, whilst Joe makes his official WM debut, and much like Sami’s the previous year, it’s in a high-profile title match. Their bout is a battle of guts and determination on the challenger’s end, taking everything Joe throws at him and still standing upright, ready to take more. He definitely feels the jabs and chops, his chest left beed-red, and even his face changes colour as he’s locked in the Coquina Clutch, but through one way or another, Zayn is able to secure the 3-count over Joe in another classic bout, retaining his title!

Backlash 2017
Post-WM features the debut of the Superstar Shake-up, wrestlers being switched from brand to brand, Zayn being involved amongst the ones moving homes as he finds himself in the Land of Opportunity, SmackDown Live, bringing his US Title with him! Upon arriving, he makes himself comfortable and at home, resuming his Open Challenges, now with a vast array of new faces to defend against, starting to pick up momentum as he lands a couple wins.
Before he can get too settled in though, he’s interrupted by AJ Styles one week, who states that now that Zayn is in the House That AJ Styles Built, he needs to follow the rules and put the title up for grabs against a real star like himself if a challenge is what he wants. The two men shake on it, setting up a dream match for the ages at Backlash between two world-travelled veterans!
As expected, Zayn vs Styles for the very first time rocks the house, the two putting on a sure-fire MOTN on any card, the tenacity of Zayn matched against the pit-bull aggression of Styles proving to be an entertaining clash of styles. Sami counters fire with fire as he showcases his own technical game as Styles to cinches in the Calf Crusher, Zayn able to turn it around into a Cross Armbreaker! In the end, Styles calls for a Styles Clash, only for Zayn to wriggle free and stack the shoulders for 3, remaining champion by the skin of his teeth!

Money in the Bank 2017
MITB sees multiple stories come to a head as Zayn qualifies for a second straight year, Styles right behind him, berating Sami for taking the easy way out in their match, wanting a proper finish. Nakamura and Ziggler also join the field, their issues coming to a head at the previous PPV too, before simmering over into the annual Ladder match. Rounding out the field are Baron Corbin, who makes his MITB debut, and one man Zayn hasn’t interacted with since their match at HIAC, Kevin Owens.
For the most part, the two men keep their distance from one another, the violence of last year kept safe under the sands of time, but as the opportunity arises, the two stare each other down one year on from, the hatred not having left for even a moment. Zayn is once again champion like he was last year, whilst Owens is without gold, having lost his UV Title to Jericho at WM. Alas, with the two back to square one, they get ready to trade fists… only for everyone else to rush back inside the ring, the two men getting lost in the frenzy.
In the end, Zayn’s hopes are dashed by the Phenomenal One himself, a killer Calf Crusher rendering Sami unable to haul his body to the top of the ladder, opening up the window for anyone else to accomplish the feat. And who but the Prizefighter himself is left the last man standing as he unhooks the briefcase, becoming Mr. MITB! As Sami comes to, he’s distraught by the result, wishing for anyone but his worst enemy to win the match, but alas, that’s all she wrote.

Battleground 2017
In the fallout of MITB one thing is clear for Zayn; his issues with Styles are still unsolved. Styles calls Sami’s victory at Backlash a fluke, wanting him to beat him in convincing fashion as opposed to a shock roll-up. He challenges Zayn to a rematch, but due to Zayn winning the initial bout between them, it’s scheduled to be a non-title match instead in order to allow other competitors to receive their due Open Challenge opportunities by Sami. In the match, Styles taunts Zayn to put him away with the Helluva Kick, pushing him around as he tries to find the tough skin below what he perceives to be a soft layer on top, but in the end, it’s Styles walking away victorious after nailing the Styles Clash!
The following week, the Phenomenal One comes out and says that if the U.F.T.U wants a room in the house that he built, he better earn it, or otherwise he should hand over the keys to US Title and let a more deserving competitor represent the gold. Styles continues to say that Zayn lacks killer instinct, which is why he lost to Owens this time last year, causing Sami to be taken aback. Wanting to prove AJ wrong and with the tally tied 1-1 between them, Zayn offers to put his title on the line at BG in a 2-out-of-3 Falls, the better man between them walking out as champion, Styles accepting.
With Zayn and Styles going at it again for the title and an exciting stipulation to boot, this match tops their Backlash classic, the two going ham on each other. Styles once again pushes Zayn to unlock the darker side of him and bring out the pit-bull whilst Sami opts to remain conservative of his energy, but it only leads to him blundering as AJ scores the first fall off the Calf Crusher.
Styles continues to pick apart the leg, looking to completely take his foe’s base out and tap him out 2 straight, only for Zayn to start fighting his way back into the match, living up to his underdog moniker even when champion, but this time, he starts bringing out a newer side to him, rattling AJ with more aggressive strikes and tighter submissions, pulling out his killer instinct! A BrainbusteHelluva Kick combo is enough to level the scores, 1-1!
In the final fall, Zayn and Styles go tit for tat in their wrestling, both looking to cinch in their submissions and outstrike the other, the stalemate carrying them towards the 30 minute mark. Styles starts getting desperate with his offense as Zayn kicks out of everything Styles throws at him, popping the shoulder up after a Phenomenal Forearm and once again surviving the Calf Crusher, but in the end, the Styles Clash finally does him in, AJ prevailing 2-1 to win the US Title! Zayn may have lost, but in defeat, he’s earned the respect of Styles.

SummerSlam 2017
With his US Title reign now a thing of the past, Zayn has nothing to do at the Biggest Party of the Summer, last year involved in the World Title proceedings but those are already occupied this time around, leaving him in search of the big match that would propel him to World Title status. Enter the man he made his main roster debut against, former 16x World Champion, John Cena.
The Leader of the Cenation back in town, he puts over Zayn on the mic, having kept a close eye on him since their brilliant match in 2015, seeing only bright things in his future. However, as they say, to be the man you gotta beat the man, and well, the Franchise player might know a guy that Zayn could face at SummerSlam… Sami accepts the challenge, determined to get his win back after 2 years of rising up the card.
At SummerSlam, Zayn vs Cena is one of the most hyped matches on the card and for good reason, Zayn silencing any doubters if he even has any left at this point by putting on an in-ring classic against the Face that Runs the Place. Cena unloads his arsenal on Zayn, taking him through the motions and laying the Five Moves of Doom on him, but no matter what he goes for, nothing seems to work!
Zayn keeps kicking out and getting back to his feet, having waited for this rematch for over 2 years, not wanting to lose this time, or it’d invalidate everything he had worked so hard for. Alas, after an incredible back-and-forth over 20-25 minutes, Zayn nails the move that has gotten him so far, the Helluva Kick booting Cena in the face for the 1…2…3! Zayn has just won arguably the biggest match of his career on a grand stage on its own right, Cena raising Zayn’s hand after the match, signalling that the loveable underdog is the future of the business!

Hell in a Cell 2017
With a massive victory over Cena under his belt, there’s only one place left for Zayn to go, and that’s challenging for the WWE Championship. And who holds that title, might you ask? Well, none other than the King of Strong Style, Shinsuke Nakamura! On the night after SummerSlam, Zayn comes out to the ring and lays out the challenge to the Japanese Sensation, remembering their MOTYC last year at Takeover: Dallas in his NXT swansong, not only wanting his win back, but also the title around Nakamura’s waist.
However, he isn’t alone in his challenge, the newly called-up ‘Glorious’ Bobby Roode interrupting the proceedings and immediately inserting himself into the World Title picture, using the momentum from his lengthy NXT Title reign to get him there. Standing undefeated against Shinsuke, Roode believes he’d be a much better candidate to face the WWE Champ than Zayn, leading to a match between them, where if Roode wins, he’s added to the match. And much like Zayn did one year ago leading into SummerSlam, Bobby picks up the win and cashes in on the opportunity, making it a 3-way for the strap at HIAC!
As the bell rings to start the WWE Title Triple Threat, Roode immediately rolls to the outside, wanting to let Zayn and Nakamura tire themselves out so he can slide back in for the easy victory whenever he wants, but unfortunately for him, his adversaries don’t let that happen, Bobby forced to mix in the action, albeit still bringing all the tricks up his sleeves, especially in the No DQ environment.
After a heated battle between all 3 men, Zayn looks to finish Roode off with a Helluva Kick in the corner, only to be nailed with a Low Blow from the Glorious One and a Glorious DDT to cap it all off! But as he slides into cover on Zayn, Nakamura flies in from out of nowhere, knocking Bobby’s lights out with a Kinshasa for the 3 count, just about retaining over his two challengers!

Survivor Series 2017
Unsatisfied about how their match went down at HIAC, Zayn comes out to the ring the following SD and challenges Nakamura to a 1-on-1 rematch between them, seeing as Sami wasn’t pinned in the match. Shinsuke seems eager to do battle once more, but only this time, he wants Zayn to prove he’s worthy of it in front of him, thus leading to a match between him and Randy Orton, arguably one of the tougher opponents the U.F.T.U has had to face, but still, he’s able to come away with the victory, turning the RKO into a BrainbusteHelluva Kick combo to earn the shot!
The long-awaited 1-on-1 rematch between Zayn and Nakamura takes place in the main event of the final Big 4 PPV of the year, Sami’s dreams now on the cusp of materialising. All he needs to do to achieve them is beat Nakamura, but it is definitely a tall task. Nevertheless, he strides into battle with his head held high, the two creating pure magic in the ring once again, topping the classic from Dallas in one hell of a 5* performance from both parties!
Nakamura throws all the knees he can, whilst Zayn fires back with Lariats and borrows European Uppercuts from Cesaro, taking from the wrestling knowledge he can. And alas, with Nakamura in perfect position in the corner, Zayn does the ‘YEA-OH’ taunt, before nailing the HELLUVA KICK! COVER! 1…2…No? Zayn looks around, confused, believing the ref’s hand should’ve slapped the mat a third time, only to see the ref has been stomped into the canvas, and standing over them is… MR. MITB KEVIN OWENS!
Breaking up the count, Owens looms over Zayn and Nakamura with his briefcase, stalking them in wait as a new referee runs down to the ring, Kevin sliding the briefcase over to them, leading to the words Zayn dreaded from the moment KO won the Ladder match. ‘Kevin Owens is cashing in his Money in the Bank contract!’. BANG! POP-UP POWERBOMB! COVER! 1…2…3! The dastardly villain did it. He robbed Sami of his moment to become the NEW WWE Champion! Zayn is heartbroken.

Clash of Champions 2017
The events that closed the night at Survivor Series are the talk of the town as Owens parades around with his newly-won WWE Championship, becoming the first man to hold it, the Universal and NXT Titles, now sitting atop the throne of SD as the tyrannical ruler. Zayn is speechless at first, but quickly he bursts into a mix of emotions, ranging from anger to sadness to confusion. He begs for a shot at Owens, the man who robbed him yet again, but unfortunately for him, Nakamura is the one eligible for the rematch, Zayn getting pinned.
For a few weeks, Sami is nowhere to be seen, as if the loss completely wiped him off the map. However, he finally musters up the strength and courage to return to the SmackDown arena, and upon arriving, is serenaded by everyone in attendance, not a single person there who doesn’t want to see Zayn as WWE Champ. Before Zayn can get on the mic though, he’s interrupted by some very familiar music, as out comes… former NXT and Cruiserweight Champion, NEVILLE!
A man he’s done battle with countless times, having recently lost his throne, the former King of the Cruiserweights is now on SD! He steps up to Zayn, the two staring each other down, before Neville slaps the taste out of Zayn’s mouth! He yells at him that is this really the man he’s become? The man who beat him for the NXT Title has been reduced to this? Taking weeks off and getting lost in melancholy?
This isn’t the Sami Zayn he once knew, and this isn’t the Zayn anyone else recognises either. He should be back on his feet already, taking on the entire world to get the WWE Championship. But if this is truly who he is now, then it seems Zayn wouldn’t mind Neville steamrolling past him to claim that title for himself.
Neville turns to leave, only for Zayn to stop him, a driven look on his face. He demands Neville not go anywhere, because he isn’t going to walk over Zayn. The line to the WWE Title starts behind him, so if he wants to hop on the train, he’s going to have to beat him first. Neville grins, having brought out the fire back out of Zayn, accepting the challenge, the match made official for CoC!
At the PPV, Zayn and Neville deliver another one of their classics that they’ve been putting on since their days in PWG, the two tearing down the house with their unparalleled chemistry. Having put on a more muscle since their last encounter in 2014, Neville’s strength is considerable, but Zayn’s drive to win is even stronger, the U.F.T.U coming away with the victory, revitalising his road back to the apex!

Royal Rumble 2018
With Zayn recharged with energy and motivation, he enters his third Rumble, this one set to be his toughest one to date as he enters at #1, #2 being none other than the man who pinned him at SummerSlam 2016 to become the inaugural UV Champ, Finn Balor! Having never faced off in singles action before, the highlight of the Rumble amongst other special moments like Mysterio returning and the likes of Andrade and Adam Cole featuring in the bout, is the Iron Man clash between Zayn and Balor, both men going the distance, surviving everyone else that came in their way, both clocking over an hour each in the match!
In the classic ‘match in a match’ formula, the two put on a barnstormer even after having already wrestled so long! The finish comes when both men are teetering on the apron, hanging onto the ropes for dear life as they try to eliminate each other. A stomp from Balor misses, opening Sami up to connect the HELLUVA KICK, blasting him off the apron and out to the floor! SAMI ZAYN HAS WON THE ROYAL RUMBLE! THIRD TIME’S THE CHARM!

Fastlane 2018
Nothing can describe the energy running through Zayn’s veins upon winning the Rumble, now set to take on either the Universal Champion Brock Lesnar or WWE Champion Kevin Owens at WrestleMania! Instead of choosing immediately though, he decides to hold off and see how Fastlane goes, the WWE Title still set to be defended there. In the meantime, he receives a challenge of his won for the PPV in the form of the Viper, Randy Orton!
Orton didn’t appreciate Zayn using him as a ticket to a WWE Title match at Survivor Series that he didn’t even win, so he conducts a vicious attack on Sami (Orton is heel here), collecting his due payback. However, he isn’t ready to stop just right there, harkening back to the last time WM was set to be in New Orleans, WMXXX. He lost his World Title to a man much like Zayn in the night’s main event and he would love nothing more than to avenge that loss too by taking out Zayn and claiming his spot at WM, so he challenges him to a rematch for Fastlane with the Rumble shot on the line. Ready to take on any doubters, Zayn accepts!
At Fastlane, the two wrestle a slow, methodical match that works to Orton’s pace, allowing Randy to viciously dissect Zayn, looking to break him down psychologically whilst torturing him physically. Zayn’s mind happens to be impenetrable though, no amount of disrespect or bullying in the ring able to stop him from getting what he wants, Sami able to defang the Viper once more and retain his World Title shot! In the night’s main event, Owens retains the gold, and as he celebrates, here comes the moment everyone’s been waiting for! Sami points to the WM sign whilst Owens holds his title up high, Zayn’s intentions speaking loud and clear; it’s Sami Zayn vs Kevin Owens for the WWE Championship in the main event of WM!

WrestleMania 34
Here it is. The Final Battle. Over a decade of their tumultuous relationship has lead to this. Countless matches with and against each other. Now finally all coming to a head at the Grandest Stage of Them All. 2 years ago, Zayn took Owens’ IC Title on the WM stage, but KO-Mania 3 looks to be his toughest challenge to date. The build to the match sees them recount everything that’s taken place from NXT to WWE, both men hyping the match up exactly how it should be.
With the last match on the horizon, Zayn asks Owens to finally answer the question he’s dodged since REvolution – Why? Owens talks about how Zayn had become selfish, proceeding to climb up the ladder without him instead of reaching down to help him up too, forcing Owens to carve out his own path which involved a lot of bloodshed and broken bones. Back at Survivor Series, he wasn’t going to make the same mistake he made at REvolution, letting Zayn win the top title first. He struck instead, making the WWE Title his, and he’d rather die before he lose it to Zayn.
Zayn fires back, stating that just when he thought things were improving between the two of them in 2013, Owens ruined everything with what he did on the happiest night of Zayn’s career, that was supposed to be spent with his brother. Owens threw all that away, not him, and come WM, he’s going to put a stop to all of this once and for all by beating Owens where they once dreamed to face off: in the main event of WM.
With everything in place for the match to occur, the two proceed to their WWE Title match. It’s not a match about weapons or cheap tactics. It’s a straight-up singles match, like the one two years ago, only much, much bigger with a lot more riding on the line. Amalgamating everything they’ve done from across their countless classics, they combine it into one breath-taking contest with a beautiful story to cap-off their rivalry. In the end, Owens is in the corner, nowhere to go, too exhausted to move. Zayn races across the ring and delivers the HELLUVA KICK, one with all the emotion and drive behind it, before collapsing into the cover. 1…2…3! SAMI ZAYN HAS DONE IT! SAMI ZAYN IS THE NEW WWE CHAMPION! The miracle on Bourbon Street has occurred once more as Zayn closes out WM, achieving his dreams and become the WWE Champion!

SmackDown after WrestleMania
It’s an emotional night on the SmackDown after WM, a massive celebration going down as Zayn holds his newly-won WWE Title up high, sharing the moment with all the fans in attendance. He cuts an impassioned promo about what the victory means to him, before saying that it’s now the fans and his era, so whoever wants a piece of the new WWE Champion, come to the ring right now, first come, first serve!
Out comes Daniel Bryan! The two men stare each other down, Zayn holding his title up high and Bryan performing the "YES!" chant, his first challenger here...
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2020.10.16 18:06 mattman456 Game theory podcast on sixers offseason

Starts at 25 min mark.
-Starts at making fun of our roster. Says that they don’t wanna resign any of our FAs but might have to just to field enough players.
-Don’t see Zhaire doing anything this year. Says missing on him is cancelled out by Thybulle and shake. “Hitting on Shake saved the franchise”. Need someone better than shake to be the ball handler and needs to be able to create shots for themselves.
-Needs to trade one of Horford or Harris at least. Part tax bill part doesn’t fit. Harris is the worse contract so will probably move Horford and picks.
-Shitting on Tobias. Sixers were begging him to create in the first round and he just couldn’t or wouldn’t. Is that who he is or will he add that? They seem to agree that he is who he is and he won’t be able to be a creator. They think he will be a good fit in a Rivers system. He’s a play finisher, not a creator and because of that he is in no way worth the contract. They guess that it would take 5 picks to move off of the contract.
-Horford is a negative contract but they say that if he was a free agent he would get 2years 30-40 million. He would look better literally anywhere else. Philly made him look so much worse. Would NO swap Jrue for horford + picks? Probably not since it doesn’t make sense for NO.
-would Charlotte trade for horford so they don’t have to draft a center at 3? Rozier for horford 21 36 is proposed. They say it’s not enough for Charlotte to do it. Doesn’t really make sense unless they wanna add a veteran to grow the young players but believe there is more upside to Rozier, but if philly can pull it off they love Roziers fit in Philly. Another theory is that Charlotte takes LaMelo at 3 and horford is a great PnR partner for him.
-draft talk not involving us...
-buddy hield talk. Horford 21 for hield is realistic. LaRoux thinks hield contract is disastrous but that doesn’t matter to philly. More valuable to replace horford. Rozier should be the first choice though.
-is there a way to bring Corey Joseph over with hield? Would you play Joseph over Milton? They believe Milton is the better player for Philly. Hield being out there would make Ben being the lead ball handler better.
-problems with Philly are more about Ben and Joel than anything else. No flexibility and the team doesn’t make sense around them. They’re locked in financially to a bad roster. They’re going to have to give up long term assests to fix it.
-they will have the MLE and can look to get Augustin, Teague, or others that may be able to get them a competent guard and help slightly. They’re going to need to work the margins expertly to fix this. Reggie Jackson is another name brought up.
-“they’re in a really really bad spot right now and it’s a bummer because of how much potential this team had the last few years”
-If the sixers are able to draft the correct players they can fix the roster without trading and possibly reshape the roster. They are most likely going to HAVE to lose picks to get rid of money. Suggest holding on to picks in case you want to move up and get a player in the draft you love and figure the rest out later. They really want the sixers to move up and get Terry.
-Them being in win now mode through Ben Simmons rookie contract and that is unfair to ben. Can they handle another year of this being a bridge year to them being able to compete? Because of money and rushing the process, it will be tough. They need to show growth. They need to be higher than the 6th seed at minimum. Bringing in a new coach may be enough to do that. Turn Joel into more of a high post face up attacker.
-“fans may turn on ownership to the point that they are rioting in the streets”. -final word on Philly.
YEEESH. If Rozier is your savior and there is talk of riots it’s not looking good. See y’all in the finals!
Edit: so to clarify a few things I did a poor job of explaining. 1. The hosts are split on if Charlotte would even want to get horford, but believe he is the better option here than buddy. They do think it’s possible for Philly to pull off, but it’s gonna be a hard sell and cards need to fall in their favor.
  1. Both hosts believe that holding on to and using the draft picks is the best option for the future of the team, but because of the tax bill they just don’t believe it’s gonna happen. They think the owners will force a trade with at least one of al or tobi.
  2. Sam has always been high on the sixers and is very upset with the FO so a little bit of this may be personal bias lol. He is a very good draft guy though, anything he says about the draft you should listen to. He knows his shit and has a really good track record. If you’re unfamiliar with him, he will sometimes track players in high school and give you stats on them and stuff. Dude is very good at that.
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2020.10.16 14:25 Niduspharma Derma and Cosmetic Products Pcd and Franchise

Nidus is a profoundly perceived Derma and Cosmetic Products Pcd and Franchise and driving provider of elite and assorted scope of items in the market. Remembering about our clients we cater their neglected requirement for skin and hair care by conveying them with a selective scope of derma items through our franchise for our superior products. We are at present open with the Derma PCD Franchise opportunity, in this manner, welcomes the pharma experts who are happy to bargain in derma items for Franchise/business partners’ region astute or state savvy.
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2020.10.16 01:31 booklandbros Seeking Advice & Potential Artist for Young Adult Comic/Graphic Novel

I am looking for help in creating a graphic novel and/or comic strips for three middle school boys. I have an idea of what I want but I can't draw. My son and 2 other boys started a book club but I want to develop this into a small franchise for them. Currently they read books together and discuss but I want to market them with their own graphic novel or maybe just comic strips to start with to get their name out there. I am currently working with someone to create avatars of them however I need a long term comic partner to help with creations. I was thinking of going the anime route for character style but I still need help to get going and a committed illustrator. This would be a paid gig and hopefully continuous.
I am trying to give preference to WOMEN illustrators as I am a woman myself and I believe women should support women. But whoever has the best skills and best rates would suffice as well.
Can I get some advice or some insights on who I can contact?
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2020.10.15 23:59 banngbanng NBA Pair Up: Clippers Edition

The era of Big 3’s is over, now the Dynamic Duo reigns supreme (for now). This made me curious to see what the league would look like if literally, every team had a duo, wither to compete with or build around. To do this, I gave each team a selected franchise guy or prime building block, roughly ranked by how desirable I think an NBA star or rising star would find them as a basketball partner. I am now going to team subreddits one day at a time to let them pick the second part of the pair.Every player not selected as the franchise player for their team or already selected by another team is eligible to be picked
As you guys are lucky enough to have Kawhi, you get the third pick.
The list of taken guys
The form:
My suggestion:
Kawhi is kind of a tough guy for this exercise since he is such a well-rounded player. So, I think it is smart to look at this more from a BPA perspective. Bam, Embiid, Klay, PG, Kyrie stand out of the guys left. Bam is 23, rapidly improving, and has one of the best shots at slowing down AD of any guy in the league. He’s also a great playmaker for the position. I think a team getting that amount of playmaking and defense from its SF and C is going to be very very good. Embiid puts me off a bit with his lingering lower-body injuries. Otherwise, he is a more traditional center that’s only 26 and gives you 20-10 with great defense. Klay is maybe the best 3 and D guy in the history of the sport. However, he’s 30 and coming off an injury that kept him out for a full season. PG was third in MVP voting last season. But, this season with Kawhi was not a full success, and PG shoulders at least some of the blame. Kyrie is a great fit on paper, but he is a bad off the court fit with everyone and especially someone as reserved as Kawhi. CP3 and Lowry would also fit but they are so old, so I wouldn’t risk it.
PS: Congrats on Lue
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2020.10.15 22:16 Woodey79 NHL 21 *OFFICIAL* League List

Official Xbox League Partner - I3HL

The i3HL is the largest and most competitive 3s hockey community for NHL on XBOX One. Founded in 2019 by SandiestLicense, the league was created as a tight-knit, private community of 3s players who could, not only compete in an organized league format, but cultivate relationships with other talented players looking to socialize and compete at the highest level.
- Multi-tiered, organized 3s Hockey Draft League
- Looking for Group area
- Run your own team and compete for a league title
- Player stats and Awards for every season
- Madden Franchise League, NHL Sim League & 2K21 Golf bonus channels for maximum fun.

Official Playstation League Partner - X6

X6 is one of the fast growing NHL communities on Playstation. The league was founded in July of 2019 and has seen growth in each of it's first 3 seasons. In addition to their XHL (NHL) league, X6 also rolls out an annual World Junior Hockey Championship and starting in Summer 2021, the KHL. The purpose behind X6 is to offer a place for people to come and play a competitive game of hockey, socialize and be part of a community of all skill levels. As a perk, X6 provides live broadcasts with games of the week play by play, full e-awards for players, goalies and coaches, in season All Star Game and Hit the Ice (friday night bring a 6), and daily Twitter posts.
League Registration
Hope to see you on the ice!
(Click underlined words for there respective discords or websites)
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2020.10.15 22:13 waltei Why Level 5 Failed and Why There Will Never Be Another Professor Layton Game

Level 5 had a great rise in the 2000s and was a force to be reckoned with in the early 2010s, with millions of copies sold of its Professor Layton series as well as tons of critically acclaimed games. Now they leave something to be desired. So what happened? The answer is corporate greed and a focus on growth instead of passion.
Here's the words from Akihiro Hino himself: "With a corporate stance that left no room for compromise, we have grown today to set even more ambitious goals. During phase 1, our entire team succeeded in working together to gain trust in an industry where we were still considered a start-up developer. In phase 2, we were recognized by players through the success of prominent titles such as DRAGON QUEST VIII. In 2007, our company entered phase 3 with the release of Professor Layton and the Curious Village. Professor Layton was the first game we handled from development through to its release. With this game, LEVEL-5 transitioned from a developer to a publisher in Japan. This transformation exponentially increased our interest in all facets of the game industry. Once we pass phase 3, we will most likely be competing with the top brands of the industry in phase 4. "
In the 2000s, level 5 became known from the amazing dragon quest 8, which was adored by western and japanese audiences alike, as well as games like Rogue Galaxy and Dark Cloud and Ni No Kuni. From there, they developed Professor Layton, which was a mass hit on the Nintendo DS with tens of millions of copies sold. Level 5 wanted to make this unique game and had a great vision for it, although there was an element of the company seeing the success of Brain Age and trying to emulate it. Nonetheless, Level 5 was very passionate about their games up to this point.
Shortly after this, in pursuit of phase 4 of their plan, the company created a western division to attract western audiences and pushed many of its franchises to the wayside to push Yokai Watch, kid friendly content, and broad appeal games like inazuma eleven, trying to capture the mass market, inspired by the mass success of the pokemon franchise. While there was fleeting success in Japan, Yokai Watch never really caught on in the west and even Japan became less interested in the franchise. Meanwhile, a lot of the companies' franchises were neglected and fans left waiting because their franchises like Professor Layton can never capture the mass market the way Level 5 wants to.
Nowadays, the company shut down their western division and has all but given up on western audiences if internal rumors are to be believed. The company is pushing more Yokai Watch, Inazuma Eleven, and mobile games trying to find success but not meeting their expectations. The company is also very far removed from understanding western audiences. Here's a quotation from someone working in the western division of level 5 before it shut down back in 2017: There is absolutely no company plan, and the COO has made no adjustments to the Western market. Anger and resentment fill the office, and they have built a bad reputation throughout the industry. None of their previous partners are willing to work with them anymore.
Level 5 is in serious trouble, and the 4 phase plan has not worked as they had hoped. Now there is desire from fans for a company like Sony or Nintendo to buy level 5 and use the franchises they have to their full potential (like Professor Layton). And I can't say I disagree. The management of this talented studio has been horrible to say the least and the company pursued money and notoriety instead of focusing on doing what it does best: making great games.
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2020.10.15 20:17 vervenna101 Everyone goes on about how season 8 killed the franchise, but several months later my partner and I are still arguing at the pub about why.

It may not have been for the reason they intended, but season 8 left enough of an impression that we are still talking about it.
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2020.10.15 15:45 EleventhEarlOfMars Did the league really make a mistake in letting Cam Newton sign with the Patriots? A look back at the 2020 Quarterback Carousel

After Cam’s huge game against the Seahawks three weeks ago (really, was it that long ago?), we saw a lot of headlines making the case that the league was again several steps behind Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots.
"How Could the Rest of the NFL Let Bill Belichick Get Cam Newton?"
An MVP quarterback making near-minimum salary - how could the league have sat back and let the Patriots get away with it again?
This was an incredibly flattering narrative for Patriots fans; supervillain head coach does it again, acquiring a superstar quarterback now both humbled and hungry. But there wasn’t much true about it. In reality, it came down more to the state of the market... and luck.
Stick with me, and I’ll make the case down below the cut.

Going back to the start of 2020 - A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away... - there were an unusual number of quarterbacks available. As many as ten starting quality veteran quarterbacks were available for trade or in free agency.
Let's look at the list.
That’s a fairly impressive list, featuring seven Pro Bowlers with two league MVP and three Super Bowl MVP trophies between them. It would have been even more impressive had Drew Brees, Dak Prescott, and Ryan Tannehill made it as well.
That said, there were just six starting jobs potentially open for those ten plus players - the Indianapolis Colts, Los Angeles Chargers, Chicago Bears, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Carolina Panthers, and New England Patriots - and those ten quarterbacks would be competing with potential draft picks as well.
Let’s take a look at what each of those six teams ultimately did at the start of free agency to address the position.
That’s right; after the music stopped and all the chairs were filled, not only did Cam not have a starting job, but neither did Dalton, Mariota, Winston, and Flacco. There was basically no market for that middle-tier, $15 to $20 million starting quarterback. Nobody wanted Brisett at $14.9 million, or Dalton at $17.7 million, or Newton at $18 million. While Mariota got a surprisingly generous deal from the Raiders, the other three had to settle for near-minimum, just like Cam did.
Putting aside that market reality, though, did any of those six teams miss out on Cam through bad process and evaluation?
For the Colts and Buccaneers, I think the answer is clearly no. Cam might have been an upgrade over Philip Rivers, but I can see why the Colts didn’t want to wait on the medicals. Brady was the surer bet for a win-now team with a clear window in Tampa Bay.
The Chargers are the first team you might say made a mistake in process, settling for Tyrod Taylor instead of bringing in Cam to compete, but they have to be very happy with Herbert, and I don’t think Newton changes their season that much. Cam is probably better than either quarterback the Bears have, but they’re 4-1, and Nagy was already familiar with Foles from their shared time in Philadelphia. The Panthers made a very aggressive play for a college coach with a new system, and I can see wanting to give Rhule a fresh start with a surer thing (medically speaking) at quarterback.
Really, the team that might have made the most obvious mistake at quarterback is… the Patriots. They seemed prepared to play the season with either Brian Hoyer or Jarrett Stidham as their quarterback, and neither one looked close to being ready in the game against the Chiefs. If Newton had not been available, this year’s Patriots team would not be very good.
The Patriots ended up being lucky that the best player available to them chose to stay on the market, and didn’t settle for a back-up offer like Dalton and Winston did. They’re lucky that market depressed prices all the way down to one that they could afford. And they’re lucky that Cam signed before all the COVID opt-outs, when salary cap space became available that could have gone to Newton. Give Belichick credit for capitalizing on the opportunity, but he did very little to create the circumstances that allowed for it.
All in all, I don’t think fans of any of the six teams that were in the market for a quarterback ended up being disappointed. No one team or general manager made an obvious mistake in not bringing in Cam Newton. There wasn’t really another win-now team that could afford to wait and see if Newton would be healthy to play, and other players ended up with far inferior opportunities to rebuild value.
Thanks for reading; see you next time!
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2020.10.15 02:07 banngbanng NBA Pair Ups: Bucks Edition

The era of Big 3’s is over, now the Dynamic Duo reigns supreme. This made me curious to see who each fanbase wanted to pair with their franchise guy. To do this, I gave each team a selected franchise guy or prime building block, roughly ranked by how desirable I think an NBA star or rising star would find them as a basketball partner. I am now going to team subreddits one day at a time to let them pick the second part of the pair. Every player not selected as the franchise player for their team or already selected by another team is eligible to be picked
As you guys are lucky enough to have Giannis, you get the second pick.
The list of taken guys
The form (this is my first time using Google Forms so please let me know if anything is wrong):
My pick:
I like the idea of pairing Giannis with a scoring PG that can lighten the load in the playoffs and make a shot when the other team sells out on defending Giannis. To me, Jamal Murray and Kyrie both fit this distinction. But, Kyrie doesn’t seem like he would like Wisconsin and has already left 2 teams, both on bad terms. Jamal is a young and dynamic guard that just proved that he can help carry the scoring/playmaking load for a serious playoff team.
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2020.10.15 02:00 DuncnIdahosBandurria LTG giving ground to Heineken to fund PAL's life-support system? (Thursday, Oct 15)

Happy Thursday, Barkada --

The PSE closed up 2 points to 5925 ▲0%.

Humble thanks to Jarvis, who contacted me to suggest a form of digital tip jar as a means of getting to "revenue neutral" status. It's honestly touching to have readers request methods of paying for something that they could receive for free. I know that when I feel that way about free products, it's because I respect the content and support the goals of the creator, so to be the recipient of that feeling is... amazing, heavy, and humbling.
I think that I have a solution worked out, though! I'm just doing some final testing of it with my wife and friends to see if they can donate without providing personal info, or seeing any of my personal info. Like all solutions, it won't be perfect, but it will give readers who are so inclined a way to help out. Not only to help with the Mailchimp monthlies, but to purchase automation tools to keep the daily time overhead to a manageable level. Everything is appreciated! Thank you to everyone who has reached out with suggestions.
Shout-out to Killem0123 who likes the updates but hasn't been able to get successfully subscribed. Try this direct link, and if that doesn't work, send me an email at [email protected] and I'll put you on the list personally using the address you contacted me with!

Daily meme Join MB Today's email

COVID Update

WW: 38348717 PH: 344626 

Top 3 MB indices:

 2020 IPOs ▲2.91% 2019 IPOs ▲1.82% Fast Food ▲1.10% 

Bottom 3 MB indices:

 Media ▼1.97% MiddleClass ▼1.45% Logistics ▼1.22% 

Main stories covered:

  • [NEWS] LT Group [LTG 9.90 ▲8.08%] and Heineken to quickly transition JV into a “partnership”... a shifting of the risk. In a press release yesterday, LTG announced that its subsidiary, Asia Brewery, had approved a transition of its joint venture (called a “JV”) with Heineken, an international beer juggernaut, into something that LTG called a “new partnership”. The details are not super clear, but LTG was specific about a few things: (1) Asia Brewery would brew and distribute Heineken and Tiger beer in the Philippines, (2) Heineken would establish a marketing office in Manila and take on a greater role in its Philippines presence, and (3) the transition would complete by December of this year.
    • MB: Without additional details, you’re going to have to allow me to speculate. With that out of the way, let’s get down to business. So we all know that Lucio Tan has been struggling for cash. He’s poured money into MacroAsia [MAC 4.52 ▼0.66%] to try and get the Sangley Point Airport project going, he’s dumped truckloads of cash into the open volcano that is Philippine Airlines [PAL 5.75 ▼1.71%], and he has watched Philippine National Bank’s [PNB 23.85 ▲0.63%] profit almost entirely disappear as loan losses begin piling up at the bank’s door. His best performing assets through this period were tobacco and alcohol, so if Lucio Tan wanted to cash-up to save any of his other businesses (cough PAL cough), he was going to have to do something with an asset that had value. My thinking here is that Asia Brewery offered (or accepted a timely inquiry by Heineken) Heineken the chance to convert the JV into something that Heineken has more control of by effectively buying Asia Brewery out. The new deal still has Asia Brewery doing the brewing and bottling, but they’re doing it as a white-label toll-packer, simply as part of Heineken’s domestic logistics chain. LTG loses control of the Heineken business, while retaining the logistics side of it, in exchange for some quick money.... just in time for Lucio Tan to throw into the yawning mouth of PAAL Volcano.
  • [NEWS] AllHome [HOME 6.08 ▲2.01%] opens new “Builder’s Center” to try and capture additional market segments... look-out Wilcon [WLCON 15.34 ▼0.78%], HOME is coming for your lunch. The new location is in Las Piñas, and is HOME’s attempt to get upstream from retail customers to professional and quasi-professionals with bulk materials needs. HOME is trying to be a one-stop, “no frills” sourcing partner to contractors and developers in the area, and push those developers towards its own high-margin in-house brands in the process.
    • MB: This comes at a time when WLCON’s quarterly profit was stolen by COVID. HOME, flush with IPO money, is free to expand its footprint and respond to changing market dynamics. It’s already done this by pivoting away from the large, mall-based stores that were propped up by transpo (this was revealed to be weak to barangay lockdowns) to the smaller, community-based stores that are meant to service a particularly dense residential area. The press release also contains another interesting bit: HOME has now made its builder’s loyalty card free of charge. The program only has 1000 members, and HOME hopes to grow that 10x in 3 years. The card is a marketing tool to keep customers aware of promotions, and to push customers towards HOME’s own in-house brands by offering “automatic discounts” on purchases of products from those in-house brands... all with higher margins for HOME.
  • [UPDATE] San Miguel [SMC 99.90 unch] officially received a 50-year franchise to construct and operate the New Manila International Airport in Bulacan... the Senate finally swiped right. Ending months of strange back-and-forth hinting at behind-the-scenes power shifts, SMC’s unsolicited bid to develop a massive airport in Bulacan to help decongest NAIA has finally grown up into a fat 50-year franchise to design, build, and operate the airport and the “adjacent airport city.” The bill granting the franchise was unanimously approved by the Senate in a 22-0 vote, but must still be approved by Congress before it can be presented to the President for final signing.
    • MB: Senate approval was the major hurdle, but it’s still a long walk to the bank for SMC through Congress and the President. A lot can happen. It will be interesting to see if the lower house squabble between Cayetano and Velasco will have any impact on this; I suspect if Congress simply adopts the Senate’s bill that perhaps this is convenient timing. Either way, the 50-year franchise is a massive deal loaded with luxurious tax-breaks; SMC is exempted from taxes during the 10-year construction period, and after that, is exempted from real estate and income tax until SMC has recouped its original investment. After that, once operating, the government gets to keep anything above SMC’s contractual 12% annual rate of return... so the deal isn’t entirely one-sided. But you gotta bet that SMC will be doing every single thing in its power to pin the annual rate of return at 12% by stuffing as much as potential revenue as possible into SMC-related expenses.
MB is posted to /PHinvest every Monday and Wednesday, but my newsletter goes out daily. To stay in the loop for daily email delivery, please join the barkada by signing up for the newsletter, or follow me on Twitter.

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2020.10.14 23:56 The_Lightning_Men Off topic: I Know What You Did Last Summer coming as a series

For many horror fans who were around for the resurgence of the slasher genre in he late 90's 'I Know' was seen as a companion piece to Wes and Kevin's brilliant Scream.
I always had a soft spot for this film and know many fans who felt the same way.
"The show will share a premise with the movie, in which a group of teenagers is stalked by a killer a year after a fatal accident on their graduation night, but put a modern spin on the material," the outlet reports.
Gossip Girl's Sara Goodman is writing and executive producing the show, which comes from Amazon Studios and Sony Pictures TV. The film starred Jennifer Love Hewitt, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Ryan Phillippe and Freddie Prinze Jr. and grossed $125 million worldwide.
"We are thrilled to have I Know What You Did Last Summer with our incredible partners at Amazon Studios. Neal Moritz and Original Film's development consistently fires on all cylinders and that is proven once again with Sara Goodman’s contemporary and pulsating character weaving suspense thriller," said Sony Pictures TV Studios co-president Jason Clodfelter.
"The best horror franchises always have another scare coming, and this I Know What You Did Last Summer series from Sara Goodman is a perfectly twisted update to the iconic slasher movie. Any way you slice it, our global Prime Video customers will love this modern take on the fan favorite film." said Amazon's Albert Cheng
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Interview mit erfahrenen ISOTEC-Franchise-Partnern Franchise-Partner Beratung und Bindung -- Systemaufbau (Teil 8/10) Understanding the Franchise Agreement Part 1.wmv Nurse Next Door Franchise Partner Interviews What's it like to be a 1-800-GOT-JUNK? franchise partner? Steak 'n Shake Franchise only $10,000 - What's the Catch ... Franchise City - YouTube How Franchising Works: An illustrated guide - YouTube 5 Reasons to NOT Invest in the Amazon Delivery Franchise ...

Independent Franchise Partners

  1. Interview mit erfahrenen ISOTEC-Franchise-Partnern
  2. Franchise-Partner Beratung und Bindung -- Systemaufbau (Teil 8/10)
  3. Understanding the Franchise Agreement Part 1.wmv
  4. Nurse Next Door Franchise Partner Interviews
  5. What's it like to be a 1-800-GOT-JUNK? franchise partner?
  6. Steak 'n Shake Franchise only $10,000 - What's the Catch ...
  7. Franchise City - YouTube
  8. How Franchising Works: An illustrated guide - YouTube
  9. 5 Reasons to NOT Invest in the Amazon Delivery Franchise ...
  10. Franchise: die einfache Erklärung von 'was ist Franchising ...

Interview clips from our franchise partners: Karen Wells (Walnut Creek, CA) Tiffany Rubin (Delaware) Veronica Marquina (Orlando, FL) Jeff & Nancy Huguet (Green Bay, WI) Wendy Scott (Burnaby, BC) Understanding the Franchise Agreement with Matthew J. Kreutzer, Franchise Partner with Armstrong Teasdale, LLP. Want to hear what it's like to be your own boss by owning a 1-800-GOT-JUNK? business? 1-800-GOT-JUNK? franchise partners tell you all about it. Es kommt nun darauf an, diesen und alle künftigen Franchise-Partner an Ihr System und Ihren Markenauftritt zu binden und ihn dauerhaft mit Ihrer Franchise-Partnerschaft zufrieden zu machen. Amazon is offering a new franchise opportunity. For as little as $10,000 aspiring entrepreneurs can start their own delivery business for Amazon packages. Th... An efficient business model blamed by some for low wages, franchising squeezes small-business owners between corporations and workers. Here's a run-down on h... Ein Franchise-Partner von ISOTEC bekommt ein in über 20 Jahren ausgereiftes, mehrfach prämiertes und sehr ertragreiches Geschäftskonzept an die Hand. Als selbständiger Unternehmer nutzt er die ... The Steak 'n Shake franchise has a new model where for only $10,000 you can operate your own Franchise and be guaranteed $100k in your first year! But is it ... Honest franchise reviews, interviews, franchise & business ideas, tips and new opportunities. Hosted by Robert Edwards, entrepreneur, investor, franchising e... Franchising - was ist das eigentlich genau? Dieser Film erklärt in drei Minuten anschaulich, was hinter dem Konstrukt 'Franchise' steckt. Die Beziehung zwisc...