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The longer you two wait the more sexual tension will increase, which brings me to my second coronavirus date idea. Sexy Storytelling. For at the very least three weeks, San Francisco and many other cities across the nation will be placed on shelter in place or even lockdown. No more bar-hopping, hitting a concert, or late-night booty calls. Idea Speed Dating. This is a great way for a group to quickly come up with many ideas, and to have people build off of other’s ideas. Purpose. This is a great way for a group to quickly come up with many ideas and to have people build on other’s ideas. The end result is a beautiful mural of thoughts that can be used as inspiration ... Dating Idea. Useful dating advice. We want to find someone we like, but we still don’t know how to date someone we like. you have to be on your best behavior while you date. This does not mean that you pretend to be a perfect guy. We all have the potential of being good people. Dating Idea; excellent person; About Us; There are a lot of dating tips, people can choose some dating methods to help people get along better, find new friends, find love quickly, here you can also find some new ideas, you can share with more people, you can also share Your opinion, we can learn together ... Dating is important—not just for getting to know a love interest, but for sharing experiences throughout a relationship. In the beginning, a good date idea sets the scene to break the ice and help you make a connection with someone. Art gallery – A trip to the local art gallery is a wonderful date idea. Try new cuisine – Check out a new ethnic cuisine — something neither of you have tried before. The element of adventure will add some excitement to your date, and, who knows, maybe the two of you will find a new favorite.

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2020.10.20 07:38 growthmindsetalways My housemate is always leaving me alone. How can I cope with living 50% alone when I never planned to do so?

I (22F) moved to a new city very far from home last month and wasn’t able to bring my car. A long time friend had been begging me to move in with her all summer because she wanted to live with a friend again this year instead of staying with her boyfriend. Everything is fine between them and they’re very close, but she moved in with him temporarily over the summer and decided she’d rather have a little more time living separately before they get engaged next year.
Because of the pandemic, I wasn’t planning to spend a lot of time in public or try to meet new people right away. I moved from the north to the south and people are less responsible down here with masks and gatherings. I’m currently looking for remote work, and when I go in public I wear a mask and limit my interactions, so I have not been dating or trying to find new friends in the area for the time being.
My problem is that I had no idea my housemate would miss living with her boyfriend and go back to his house 2-5 days a week in addition to him spending time here sometimes. It doesn’t bother me when he’s here, but it bothers me when she suddenly tells me she’s leaving for 2-3 days when I thought I would have company. She’s in her senior year of college and he helps her study for her tests, which is what she says to explain leaving, but it’s definitely also because she always wants to be with him in person though he lives ten minutes away and they call probably 4-5 times a day.
I like living with her and don’t want to move out (and don’t want to break our lease to do so) but every time she announces she’s leaving for multiple days, usually ten minutes before she goes, I feel more and more upset about it. I’m starting to feel abandoned like I’m just her weekend friend whereas her boyfriend is still her real place to live because she also calls their old apartment “home” and not here. I never pressured her to move out, but I could understand thinking that you wanted more space but then missing the person. It’s just that I moved across the country to be with her because she said she wanted to live with a friend, and now I spend so much more time alone than I’m comfortable with and can’t even get far away without my car (my parents didn’t let me take it because it’s old and a long drive).
She knows that it’s bothering me but feeling kind of bad about it has not changed anything. I almost feel like she spends time with me out of pity sometimes because it seems like she and her boyfriend were better off with their last arrangement even though she thought she wanted more space for the time being.
How can I cope with living 50% alone when I was never planning to live alone? I hate being so far from my other friends so that I have to rely on one person who has let me down a lot in terms of social needs, but I don’t want to start socializing irresponsibly to make up for it. In any other year I would get an in-person job and try to make friends in the area, but it’s not a good time (and my movements are limited because of the car).
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2020.10.20 07:32 livelifetobest Comedy based on sibling rivalry idea

I was thinking about writing a short story or series of short stories based loosely on my sibling rivalry experiences but extrapolated to what it would look like in the future. Wasn’t sure if stories or a comic would be better for this project.
One idea my sister and I who never got along for some reason, maybe a divorce or health move in together. The comic would maybe focus on how much easier her dating life is, or how easy it is for her to get a job, and lead down that road in a comical way. Maybe my character comes home and finds a sock on the door or something like a college scenario in middle age.
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2020.10.20 07:29 throwra16478 I(f22) broke up with him(m23) and I haven’t stopped thinking about whether it was the right choice

I love him and I really miss him. We started dating fall 2018. Things were great in the beginning and he was my world. Meanwhile, my parents were going through a really nasty divorce. My mom’s ex was so emotionally abusive to my mother and I. It broke my sense of self and I felt so worthless and unlovable. My emotions were very intense and there was just a lot of stress at home. I have to admit I became reliant on my boyfriend for happiness. He was my escape. Besides him I had no other friends. Sometimes when I was around him I would randomly start tearing up about my home situation, and he didn’t really know what to do or what to say. He isn’t very expressive, and he’s the kind of guy who runs away from emotions. So I guess he didn’t know how to handle it. Sometimes he would try to get me to see things from my mom’s ex’s perspective, which I really didn’t want to hear. Most of the time he would just try to get me to stop crying.
This caused me to feel more alone, and like my emotions were too much for him. So I just bottled it up, and I started to resent him. I know this now because I’ve been able to reflect, but in the moment I didn’t really understand what I was upset about. I just knew that something wasn’t right and i wasn’t comfortable.
2020 comes around, and shit hits the fan. My grandmother passed away very painfully, which I had a really hard time dealing with. And then covid hit and my job closed down. The perfect recipe for a major depressive episode. Staying at home made my life feel really empty, and again I was relying on my boyfriend for my happiness. I didn’t express how deep my depression really was to my boyfriend. He kept his job, and everything pretty much stayed the same for him, so he didn’t understand why i was so sad. I told him I felt really lonely, and I asked him if he could give me a call more often, or if we could see each other more. He would text me, but he’s a pretty lousy texter and he’d never call me first.
Throughout our relationship he was always late, sometimes leaving me hanging for hours because he had fallen asleep. I had asked him multiple times to at least let me know when he was tired or didn’t want to hang out so I didn’t have to wait for him. He would apologize, but it always continued. Near the end of our relationship, we had planned to go on a hike with one of our friends. She was already up the mountain waiting for us and he was still sleeping. We live an hour away from her so it wasn’t like we could just pick up and go. I apologized on his behalf. The next day he made plans for us to go hiking with her again, but he didn’t tell me the plans. My mom had to go grocery shopping, so if I was to go he’d have to wait about an hour. I told him to just go without me since he had already stood up our friend once and I felt bad making her wait. He left without telling me, and then I saw pictures on social media of everyone hanging out.
I felt really hurt, and having dealt with so much already I was taking everything so personally and my mind was constantly in survival mode. Towards the end everything was just building up, and one night after too much champagne I broke down and told him I wanted to end things.
Looking back now, in a more healthy mindset, I realize we both could have done a better job communicating. I’m working on healing some deep emotional wounds and becoming a more complete version of myself. A person I have never really known. I’m ready to take accountability for my lack of communication and my lack of boundaries. I feel bad for expecting him to help me through all the grief and depression, when he had no idea I was struggling so much.
In a way, I feel like going back to him would bring me back to that dark place. It’s been about three months since we’ve broken up. We text everyday, and he’s still a pretty lousy texter, but we recently started hanging out. When I’m with him I remember what was so great about him and our relationship, all the trips we went on and the memories we shared. But every time he texts me I get this deep anxiety about whether I should give it another try. I obsess about if i should give it another shot, if it’s even reasonable to expect him to change those things for me. The breakup led to me having a nervous breakdown, and so the thought of going through that again really really scares me. We started hanging out, and I love being around him, but when it comes to thinking about our relationship I just feel so... scared.
I hope someone can relate to this and offer advice. Thank you for reading if you’ve gotten this far.
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2020.10.20 07:26 lllllllllll123458135 (29M) Dating when you have esoteric tastes

So I (29M) am thinking about dating again. 3 months ago I broke up with my girlfriend of 4 years. I had a gut feeling for the past 2 years that this was not a relationship I wanted. I also have been recovering from CPTSD and had several breakthrough moments where I feel more or less recovered. Also recently gotten on ADHD medication for the first time and it's been life changing.
I did a quick look on several dating apps, and all I see are the same kinds of shallow women who barely post any information except provocative photos and links to their instagrams. This is not to say that all of them are like this - but it is very rare to find someone that has interests that I can comment on.
I also have fairly esoteric tastes - not for the sake of being edgy or anything - these are just things I legitimately enjoy. My taste in music is fairly esoteric (Schnittke, Igorrr, Jon Hopkins). My taste in food is pretty bland (I don't like most meat except beef and chicken, don't like tomatoes). My taste in video games is pretty esoteric (factorio, racing sims, flight sims, 4x). My taste in movies is in the minority (American History X, Come and See). The books I read are esoteric (Thomas Sowell). My political views are in the minority (Libertarian). I don't really care much for netflix or streaming services. I don't care about sports. I'd rather watch something educational than entertaining. I find most entertainment contains a liberal undertone that I don't personally care for.
I had to suppress a lot of these interests when I was in my relationship, as they were so 'out there' that my girlfriend was speechless. I learned that is not what I want in a relationship. I want to be able to be myself, but I find that even online it's a pretty lonely place for someone like me. Even posting under various subreddits that I follow, the ideas i'm interesting in talking about are a tiny minority.
The last time I dated I had to sacrifice a lot of myself to meet people. I don't want to do that this time around. Is there a way for people such as myself to date and meet people that are like minded?
TL;DR - I have many tastes, ideas, and hobbies that are in tiny minority - how do I go about dating?
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2020.10.20 07:26 goblingrf Final update to "guys i need your help im not sure if i am in the wrong but i feel horrible" me (16m) and my girlfriend (16F)

ok so alot has happened so was i set up by the strange girl randomly started talking to me ? well.. kinda but not as bad as i thought so they sent the girl to me to get me to talk to the "toxic friend group" and i was added back to the group chat and they told me something that made me sick. they told me that my ex's best friend lets call min john had liked my ex and asked her out while we were dating not knowing we were together you would think she would say no because she was with me but no she hooked up with him while she was with me but wait it gets better she was with three other guys whom i or john knew about. so thats bad enough right? but no she told everyone in a group chat that she had cheated on him and was exhanging nudes with three other guys and completly humiliated him in front of all of his friends. but thankfully karma did her thing and the people in the group chat didnt take kindly and told all of her friends and boyfriends about what she did to her "bestfriend" and pretty much everyone hates her and i herd that she tried to kill her self and was put in a mental hospital (i dont know the modern term) but i cant conferm it nor do i care to be honest if she did she did it to get people to feel bad for her but no ones falling for it.
I dont know if this is a good ending well it is for me but so many people got hurt in the prosess and John feels like shit over it but i dont blame him he had no idea and i fell so bad for him because he likes her since like 2016 but the "toxic friend group" had admited to being wrong and were decent friends. my last thoughts are i have learned alot from this and i know who not to date in the future and i an currenty looking for some one else to date and i want to thank all of you guys who have supported me through this peace out..
link to two previous postsone:
edit: spelling and sorry foe late update my computer had been broken (this all happened like a month ago)

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2020.10.20 07:19 MyPoorSquash My mistakes don't mean I can't hold you accountable

Early on, there were many red flags that I couldn't ignore. Your lies, views of the world, views on women at first. Later, your previous relationships and treatment of your brother.
At this point I knew I didn't want anything with you long-term. My mistake was not cutting it off then and there. Hell, even in February. Would have been a perfect time. But I begged you to stay.
Did I love you? I told you I did. I meant it when I said it. But deep down inside, I didn't want you. You're an alluring man. You embody all those dark thoughts I've had that I've never spoken about or acted upon. I'd hate to know what thoughts have run through your mind. So much darker than mine.
Fuck it man I had feelings for you. That was no lie. The lie was saying I was okay and accepting of your flaws. And I never had the strength to tell you that. It's much easier to blame it on the situation, but like you said, we could have made it work. Distance, age. There is where I lied to you. If you were a good person, neither of those would matter. You always said you never saw any deal breakers or things wrong with me. Well I did with you big time.
I don't believe I ever used you for anything on account of your manipulative ways. Feeding me that poison that no other man would ever love me. That you were different and special because of that. I believed your words to a certain extent. And I still believe you loved me. However, that is not the kind of love I care to receive.
Your declining mental health state worried me and now it worries me immensely. You have no idea how much I wanted to see you succeed, see you happy. Goddammit it wasn't that I didn't like seeing you fail because I didn't want to be seen dating a loser. You had unfulfilled dreams that were so close to being realized at yet so far. Watching these dreams slip away was heartbreaking because of how much it meant to you.
I should never have been the one to keep you going, to give you a bit of happiness. If it weren't for me, maybe you would have found someone else. I told you keep looking for another. But you had no interest in that. Should have ended it there, right?
And then after shit went down. You were so, so dead. Utterly hopeless. Felt like I killed you. But ya know what. You used your depression to guilt me into staying with you. I did everything I could to lift you up, but you always had a negative attitude and never wanted help.
Now you have no one to talk to. Extremely dangerous situation. Again, I do assume partial responsibility. In retrospect, it would have been better to end things early on between us. But I always hoped things would get better for you and I could leave you in a place better than where you started out.
You said you've planned your death now, but threatened me if I contact you or anyone else about this. So I guess you've done it to yourself now. I would help you if I could. Who knows if you're even alive. I wish the best for you. Never wanted to hurt you. Just didn't want my life spent in an intimate relationship with you.
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2020.10.20 07:15 SushiSharkie Outer Wilds Sequel [Prequel] Idea?

Sorry if anyone has already brought this up in a previous post! I couldn't find a post specifically dedicated to this idea, so I thought I'd make one.
Play AS the Nomai? Like, from when they crash their vessel in the solar system, to when they all seem to die out. Relive everything you're reading, but during the time it all happened. Witness the building of things such as the ATP, the Sun Station, the different cities and such. I'm sure they could add Nomai conversations that were destroyed before the timeline of the original Outer Wilds. Some hidden lore and such. Really dive into the relationships between the different Nomai. Would this be too long of a game to make though? From my ventures, it seems the Nomai were in this solar system for quite some time. Maybe the timeline could be compressed enough to make it work though? I'm not sure.
It could also start before the Nomai crashed in the solar system. Maybe before they received the signal from the Eye. Receiving the signal could be the midpoint of the game, and the crashlanding could be the end? Either way, I wish I could learn more detail about the relationships between each Nomai in the clan.
Alternate Idea: Make a Nomai dating sim. They seemed to be romantically active. May or may not be into that idea.
Last minute edit: I've just gotten so attached to the Nomai. Reading their conversations, their stories, their drama. I love these beings and I want to get to know them more. I don't even know which Nomai you would play as. I just want to explore them more than the current game allows.
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2020.10.20 07:14 EmpressofFlame My (25F) boyfriend (25M) just broke up with me and I need help processing.

This is going to be a long post because I realize asking internet strangers for advice requires as much context as possible.
As the title says, my boyfriend broke up with me 4 and a half hours ago. We haven't been dating long, only two months, and we've only known each other a year.
We started off as casual FWBs and I caught feels (I know, I thought I was doomed too). We discussed things and after awhile, he realized he had feelings for me too, but certain concerns about commitment. Apparently, after talking with his best friend he realized he could see himself with me in fifty years chilling on a porch somewhere and we started dating.
It was amazing, once he said, "Hey, you're my girlfriend," he became so much more open and romantic and vulnerable. He's an extreme, slightly anti-social introvert and I'm an extremely energetic extrovert, albeit with some introverted tendencies that have become more pronounced as I've gotten older. He seemed to really appreciate and be attracted to my personality and I've always been understanding of him needing space. Encouraging him to be more social (which he said he wanted to do) but never pushing. Always mindful of his boundaries and asking if anything I was saying or wanting is too much.
Today, however, he said that he feels exhausted from us spending the weekend at his parents' house and having dinner with my friend and her boyfriend the week before. He said it made him realize our energy levels are too different and that he can't be with me anymore.
I'm crazy confused, because we got back to my place last night and snuggled on the couch and watched tv before going back to his place for the rest of the night. He was quiet and needed to hang with his roommate (who is the best friend I talked about earlier) for a bit, but then he came back and it was all snuggles and kisses as we were settling in for bed. He woke up this morning and kissed me goodbye like he normally does. I literally had zero idea anything was wrong.
I'm extremely hurt. I feel like this came out of no where. I feel like he's misattributing being worn out by me with being worn out by how go go go we've been for the last two weeks. I feel like he owes me a real try, a chance to work on whatever we need to, but I know that he doesn't. I want to somehow make him realize that the foundation of our relationship is gold and this is just a slump, but maybe that's not true. I want to scream but I can barely cry. I start to let tears out and sob, but then numbness sets in. I haven't eaten since 11, but my stomach switched between feeling so nauseous I could puke in my own bed or feeling like it's not there.
I know we haven't been dating long, but we meshed together so well, he treated me so incredibly good, he made me feel adored and cared for and like I could accomplish all my dreams. Being around him made me a better person, a more thoughtful person. I care so much about him. He thinks he's garbage, but he's so incredibly wonderful and I just don't want to let go. I want to be able to help him grow however he wants or just lie in bed all day. Or whatever.
I know a lot of people will say that I'll move on, and I'm sure I will, but I'm absolutely gutted right now and I'd appreciate anyone who wants to chime in about all the thoughts tumbling out of my head. In short, I'm a mess, and I need a bit organizing if anyone would like to help.
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2020.10.20 07:12 seeanssea Do I even miss /him/?

We have been dating for 4 months. To be honest, there was no such ‘chemistry’. There was a lot of awkward silence, but it became better and better by each day. We were supportive of each other, and he was a really nice guy.
However, I have felt these relationships weren’t going anywhere. It only worsened. I have noticed that he is not so eager to see me and even talk to me. He was always with his friends, but couldn’t make time for me. Yeah, those were their birthdays, but anyway... He even admitted it — he doesn’t have any ‘interest’ in our relationship, but explained it like ‘there is so much going on in my life’. He became more and more distant, and I have decided to end it.
He then said I should have initiated the contact. But was there a point in that if he doesn’t even want it anymore? I don’t know...
After the breakup I still feel sick and heartbroken, even though I was the one that wanted to break up. And I don’t even know if I truly miss him or just an idea of him I have. Or maybe the times when everything was so good, when we were so in love? Could we work it out? These feelings haunt me to this day and I wish I could end this suffering...
Thank you for reading and sorry for mistakes and a bad format.
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2020.10.20 07:06 mymasterquiche I feel like I’m on the razors edge to becoming a misogynist.

Outwardly I feel like I respect women. I make a conscious effort to. But I think maybe it’s less respect and more suspicion. Truth is I think women are awful. Deep down I think every single one is a monster just waiting for an opportunity to take advantage of me. Yeah, maybe I need therapy. But what would therapizing the thought that women are able to perpetuate an equal amount of evil do? I’m sick and tired of men being seen as entertainment or an accessory to women that just want a boyfriend for the sake of having one. I don’t think women take enough responsibility for their role in perpetuating toxic masculinity. And I also believe that they’re hypocrites. In the past I’ve dated a few staunch feminists. I was attracted to how empowered they were but they weren’t really that way. Behind closed doors it was a different story. There seems to exist an idea even in the most equality minded people that men are some kind of sexual beast. Sex is good enough to keep men happy. Never have I been in a relationship where I’ve been shown any kind of affection without having to ask for it. Never have I been in a relationship where my affection was reciprocated. I think when women say certain things aren’t important they’re lying to keep up appearances. Women are just as ambitious, capable, evil, and opportunistic. The female experience has become mystified for no good reason.
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2020.10.20 07:05 blackelfman My(21M) ex(20F) for another guy and now I'm unable to seal the deal sith other people

My ex girlfriend dumped me for another guy 2 months ago. And I've been trying to sow my own oats and meet new people. I've talked to 14 women and every time they bring up the idea of a date or to have sex I just shut them down and run away. I don't know what's wrong with me. I want to move on from my ex, I've spent too much time mourning them and I want to move on. But every time someone wants to get close I panic and I'm afraid of... well I don't know what's I'm afraid of. I'm scared of love I guess. One days my ex is having sex with me and telling me she loves me and I believe her and the next she leaves me for her friend. My ex has a full blown relationship and she seems happy, why can't I have that for myself? What's wrong with me?
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2020.10.20 07:04 Gameaddict93 Are we getting a new TLSQ within 10 days?

I am asking this because I have enough gems for the Magical Milestones key and once I purchase that I will be getting a whole set of rewards which also includes 100 energy points. I don't want to waste those on random classes as I have nothing to do in my game except improve stats.
So any idea on new TLSQ? Or should I wait till the last date, then purchase it.
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2020.10.20 07:03 MaltenTTV My (20F) girlfriend and I (18M) have nothing in common

So this is kind of a long one. My girlfriend and I have been dating for 2 and a half years. Before we started dating, we were friends for 5 years. Over time we have slowly realized how different we are. We both want the same thing in life in terms of children and family values and we both love each other a lot so the way our relationship works is very healthy. All arguments always end with understanding and never going to bed angry. We both are affectionate and have good chemistry. The issues are, we have very different personalities. I have always been kind of an introvert, I play video games, I work, I go to college, and I really like to just learn stuff and take an interest in educating myself. Because of this almost all of my favorite times are spent on a computer. She is the opposite, she works 2 jobs and tries to fill her time constantly with friends and outings. She also has no hobbies, and when I suggest the idea of getting a hobby, she gets defensive and takes it as an attack, even if I do it very calmly and explain the reasoning behind it. She can't stand video games on top of this and doesn't have any interest in even using a computer, and one of my biggest issues is she does not like to learn. I like to constantly be learning and I feel the best way to do that is to date someone else who is the same way, so you can both learn from each other. She does not enjoy learning, but rather lives a life best explained by ignorance is bliss. She does enjoy being at home a lot, but her ideal time is spent being outside running errands, and mine is not. Our issue is that we struggle to find stuff to do in common. I am very restless so I don't like movies or just laying in bed, her favorite thing to do at home is to lay in bed and watch movies. When I am home I like to be actively using my brain and engaged, where she likes to just kind of check out and fully relax while at home. This issue comes from when we hang out we don't know what to do. Which is an issue when you have been dating for 2 1/2 years, and still do not know what to do when you hang out. We see each other 3-4 times a week. Every time we just lay in bed, talk for a bit about what we have been up to, then maybe we will watch like funny videos on youtube, sometimes she naps and I work on school. I can't think of anything that we have in common that we both LOVE doing. I feel like there should be SOMETHING that we both look forward to doing together, but in general, it is just looking forward to being together, not really what we are doing. We like different media, the content we consume, music, tv shows, hobbies, and everything else on the planet. I have read a lot of these posts and the responses are always like there HAS to be something that you both enjoy, but after all this time of constantly talking about it, reading ideas, and brainstorming, we have made 0 progress. I really want this relationship to work because I have put a lot of effort into it as she has too. We have saved up for a downpayment on a house together, planned our futures, I have chosen certain career choices literally around her because I truly believe in our future. I just do not know how to get past this hurdle. I think if we had a hobby that we both wanted to do at least every other day and we both enjoyed it and could do it together, this would be a nearly perfect relationship. We have good communication, respect for each other, common life goals, but the way we enjoy spending time is polar opposites. The other big issue with this relationship for me is how little she likes to learn. I want someone who is constantly learning, but instead, she seems just content with her current knowledge level, because she has gotten through life just fine until this point with what she knows. I am not sure if I should just GG go next and cut my losses before it is too late, and have a kid, house, or are married and realize we can't live like this any longer.
TLDR: My girlfriend and I have a great relationship besides how we spend our time, so we just end up laying in bed most days, watching stuff, and really just having boring days. This is driving me insane due to boredom, but I want to put in the effort to make things work.
So, in conclusion, is there a fix to this lack of interest, and is it worth losing a great relationship besides the lack of things in common?
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2020.10.20 07:03 catlxvi Currency updates

We might not be able to travel right now, but if you want to be kept up to date on the latest information about foreign currency. We also have tips and competitions, ideas about travelling as well.
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2020.10.20 07:02 love_infinite_715 Single and ready to mingle 😂

Ive literally blocked out any and every guy in high school (decided to stop talking to boys in general because of my previous experience with them), and now here I am, graduated University and have no idea how to talk to a guy. I get super shy and awkward. Would be nice to get married and settle down eventually but i can’t do that if I dont know how to communicate with the opposite gender. I also dont free mix nor am I comfortable with that. I have always told myself id keep my relationship as ‘halal’ as possible because i’m a firm believer in having Baraqah in marriage, and personally for me, in order to maintain that, there would have to be boundaries set if we were to ‘date’. Its difficult especially in this generation where many people dont really do that. Again, how do i get there if i cant even look a guy in the eyes when speaking to him? These are just my thoughts. I feel weird bringing this up to friends because i dont want to come off desperate so here I am. Anyone in a similar situation? I dont even know what the purpose of this post is, just getting tired
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2020.10.20 06:56 konakanoodle He called, and I'm breaking up all over again

We dated for 4 years. His family is Muslim, I'm white and atheist. I always questioned if it was going to work. It was always on my mind. I thought he loved me, but he didn't want to move things forward. So we parted a year ago. A few slip ups but overall, I thought my head was getting clearer finally.
He's been dating someone almost immediately since we broke up, so for about a year. Last night I hear from him, he wants to meet up. Says they broke up. I stayed over (I know bad idea) and today he calls to start talking about how she wants to meet up with him, and he's looking for advice on what to do. This is basically where I find out he's been dating her a year, but now wants to settle down and get married to her. Inside I was completely dying. I've been thinking about him every day since we broke up. Holy shit that was awful.
We did talk briefly about us because at that point I said I probably can't give advice. As we continued, I find out he never loved me, he just stayed because there wasn't a good enough reason to leave, and he called me yesterday because he knew I'd pick up and I'd be there.
I'm just so tired right now of online dating, and I only finally got out there on a few dates in the last month as I was feeling better. I just have no hope or desire now. This is like the 5th guy I've dated where the next one ended up being the one they married. And I really loved this one. So much. Still do. I'm 40, and I just feel like I'm never marriage or long term material. Lots of feelings right now. I just needed to tell someone. Thanks for listening.
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2020.10.20 06:43 gcapris WoW Keyboard Movement Issue After Patch

I’m back playing WoW retail on my Dell laptop , amd64, only now using Ubuntu 20.04 along with Liquorix Kernel and Wine Staging v5.19 (Gamemode and E-Sync are ON ). I use a Bluetooth mouse and all my drivers are up to date.
I’ve installed the game a few weeks ago before the pre-Shadowlands patches and it was running smoothly with no issues at all. After two to three heavy patches since the last 13th, changing the game’s appearance including characters customization and all, I’ve started having this weird movement problem.
By using AWSD or arrow keys on my laptop keyboard, the character keeps running even after releasing the key and simply won’t stop for many seconds after . Meanwhile, ESC or jumping doesn’t work, or any other shortcuts to help stop it. Seems to be directly related to the mouse camera movement.
I’ve researched for a solution and came across some tweaks listed bellow but none worked for me
I’ve tried running WoW with the app and directly from the .exe file - both using Lutris. Nothing.
This never happened before and my laptop keyboard is working just fine. Other games on Lutris via Wine are also working without problems.
Does anyone have any ideas? Maybe could be the Liquorix Kernel for some reason? Maybe a conflict between the new patches and Wine Staging 5.19 ?
Any help would be very much appreciated!
PS. I’ve noticed a folder on my /home/ directory called GPUCache that apparently was created by WoW. Unaware of it, I have deleted the folder. Now I notice some additional lag loading the character selection screen and when entering the world. Could this be related? Is there a way to recover it if it is necessary?
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2020.10.20 06:41 Dohi014 Ope, scuze me, pardon me, don’t mind me, just passing through.

1) I’m impatient
2) it’s late and I feel like blabbing
3) clear mind means easier sleep
These are reasons I’m posting. If I had a bestie, a girlfriend, someone to talk to about these specific things, I suppose I wouldn’t be here. I’m sorry if my words come out poorly. It is late here, and I just wanna talk from the heart.
Eventually, something I’m working on, is posting in the polyamory subreddit where you look for others. I’m treating it like an essay; maybe I shouldn’t but, I want to make sure my point is as clear as a blue sky. When I post there, I may just delete this, as there isn’t really any point.
No point, not in a mean way, not in a “maybe I shouldn’t be here” way but, a “you probably have no idea what I’m talking about way.”
Tabletop polyamory; it’s my phrase of the month. I’ve never been so happy to learn about something. That’s the thing though I guess? I’m still learning about polyamory; I’m aware there’s new corners, surprises, obstacles, all things I just haven’t faced yet. Knowing someone with the experience would be nice but, I also wouldn’t mind finding our own definition. Why should we fit a specific mold, yknow? Maybe we should do what makes us happiest in that certain situation/relationship. There is no growing or learning without that other person though.
Tabletop polyamory; as I understand it, it’s the type of polyamory that makes it like you’re one big happy family. There’s no awkwardness; instead, togetherness, familial feel, love, care. I’m willing to start from -10 and work my way to that kind of relationship. It’s just hard to prove, or to help some understand. I have a boyfriend now, and I want my girlfriend to come over all the time. I want to have movie nights, and taco tuesdays, and binge shows til 2 am. I want snuggles that get claustrophobic in the best way.
I’m sorry, and a little ashamed, that for so many, all you imagine is the sex part of it all. The words (polyamory) may come out of my mouth but, my meaning is “I have a lot of love to give. Please let me hug you.” I know I’m not the best person to date anymore but, I make up for it in love and devotion. I suck at texting, sometimes you have to call me first, I’m depressed, and anxious but, I’m also me. So, I hope I find someone who can get over all that, who sees what I do, wants what I do, and let’s me grow with them.
I’ll get the water, you open the shades?
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2020.10.20 06:40 PopsiclesInMyDungeon I forgot to offer friendship to a girl who very politely rejected me weeks after a first date but who showed interest in me as a person. Should I reach out to her and offer friendship or does she want me gone from her existence?

So, I went on a date with this girl I met on a dating app and we hit it off. We had a good amount in common. She was suggesting second date ideas throughout the date (which was awesome) but near the end of the date, I got really tired and think I started to give off "lame" vibes. I was a bit anxious as well, as it was my first time on a date in a while and I hardly could eat all day (I couldn't eat well for a few days before, really). As a result, my energy for conversation and to be myself started to dissipate quickly, and that's where I think things went downhill. But, overall, the date seemed to end on a roughly high note and we both talked about meeting up again. Some details about the date: it lasted for about 2 hours and we grabbed coffee and donuts and walked around and sat in a park, and we are both also in our late twenties.
I texted her the next day after our good first date and I proposed a plan for the following week, which she was excited to accept. But, come the day, she didn't sleep well and wasn't feeling good. She really apologized and asked to reschedule for sometime during the week. I suggested a day, and come the day before, she wasn't free until a couple of days later. I suggested for the coming weekend again, and come the night before, she rejects me. She sent a very sweet message about "not really feeling the chemistry the last time we met", and "doesn't know if she wants to invest in finding that chemistry" kind of thing. She also said she "thinks I'm very smart and very good-looking". And she also apologized about it all. This was roughly about 2 weeks after our first date. And a little side note: there is basically no casual texting/chatting at all. I see texting as a logistical thing used to set up times to see people and I like to save getting to know each other for in-person. But, maybe I lost some engagement that way, or she thought I wasn't really that interested?
Anyways, my response was something along the lines of "No worries. Don't worry about it! I think you're bla bla bla too, and keep up the x y z", but I ended it with a very "final" sort of tone... and an "All the best"...
It isn't until a couple of weeks later I'm realizing that I may have sounded rude, insensitive, and not really genuine to this girl who showed some interest in me and who I also think is cool and would be down to go out with again/be friends with. I don't want her to think I was just in it for some quick sex and was like "Hm, oh well... all the best with your life!" kind of thing after she sent me that message. I would surely be down to be friends with her at least, and I feel like a bit of a weirdo for sending a response back like that to her when I'm actually still interested in her.
So, my question is, is there a chance I hurt her a bit by my weird message and not offering friendship or something? Or does she not give a fuck at all? It's now been a couple of weeks since that message, and I'm not sure what to say if anything. Thanks.
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2020.10.20 06:39 Throwthewholecat I [28M] am no longer sexually or emotionally attracted to my SO[29F] if I leave her she will lose everything and I'm afraid.

We've been together for around 6 years as of July.
I've never had such a great relationship in the terms of... efficiency? I guess what I mean is that we agree on most things. We never really fight except we'll argue about little things on occasion when we drink. I do most of the cleaning in the house, she does most of the outside stuff, she likes to cut the grass power wash the house. We split on cooking and we both really enjoy the same movies/show genres.
Unfortunately as of late things have gone down hill and even worse, it seems she hasn't noticed.
There are a few things that have me pressed.
To preface we were pretty well off before covid and I was able to stay out of work for the rest of the year and remain comfortable.
First off is her lack of ambition. I've bought her a very expensive gaming PC at her request(im not a big gamer I only have a work laptop) but I got it for her. I also bought her a bunch of art supplies, about 3 book sets, and all kinds of outdoorsy gear for both us and our 3 dogs.
She hasn't touched any of this in 6 months, infact she hasn't opened a single book out of the box sets.
Now when we hang out watching movies and drinking or going out and about it's all fine and dandy we have a great time, even when grocery shopping. When we're home she lays on the couch from sun up to sun down. Which leans us into the next thing.
The ones reading this, please continue before you judge me for this because you may understand... it's her weight. Since we've been together she's gained almost 90 pounds. Which isn't as huge of a deal to me as it is for her. She cannot go a day without mentioning how she looks disgusting or that none of her cloths fit.
Here's the other thing. I've been a gym goer for the last 10 years. I'm not huge and im not super shredded but I've definitely been through a lot. Lost 30 pounds, gained 40, lost 10, etc till I found the weight I felt the most comfortable with.
2018 I added her to my gym membership at her request. She only wanted to walk for 10 minutes and tan. Lasted 2 weeks.
2019 exact repeat of above.
2020 I bought myself the equipment needed for a home gym and let her pick out whatever she wanted to work out with. (Again I cannot stress this enough, I didnt push her to do any of this it's always of her own volition and im supportive of her) this was 6 months ago and she has not touched a single item purchased. When I asks if she wants to work out she gets mad. She'll sometimes go on 5 minute walks every day for a week and get stressed that she hasn't lost anything and If I try to explain to her that 5 mimute brisk walks aren't going to help her lose weight she freaks out and and acts like im accusing her of being stupid.
The next issue is that she cannot be satisfied. Nothing is every great or fantastic. Everything is just okay or fine. Im a bit of a "cook" and im always finding new things to make. Everything is "okay" or "yeah it's fine". I know you might be thinking, maybe I'm a shit cook? Well she does the same thing at every restaurant we've ever been to as well. She's always wanted breast implants because she wasn't happy with her natural breasts so I shelled out 10k about a year ago for those just hopping that would make her confident. Nope. She doesn't think they're big enough or round enough and they're just "okay".
Also another thing is the lack of romance. When we started dating it was strange, I thought to myself, I guess this is an "adult relationship" so there isn't a whole lot of those butterfly moments and you don't get all sappy like you did in highschool/college. Well for the past year I've been looking back and we never really had those special moments.
Sex is almost a chore, which i guess is something relationships eventually get to. I am a very open individual who has explored many kinks and fetishes in the past and she is a modest individual who prefers vanilla sex with no toys and no theatrics which I respect and I will also never force or try to persuade someone into something they are not comfortable with. So for 6 years, we've had some pretty plain sex.
As of late she seems to snap at our 3 dogs a lot more and get agitated easily at small things, or just be upset at nothing for days on end.
Long storshort I feel like I'm im a relationship with my best friend.
Have you ever been a roommate with a close friend and by the end of the lease you grow to hate that person? That's what it feels like emotionally.
The hardest part is that her family loves me and that mine loves her.
If I break it off with her I own pretty much everything, the house, the cars... she's had to move three states away to her family which I know she'd despise doing...
Im a relationship where we've never really had a fight, and def never came close to a breakup, it's scary thinking about even having this conversation with her.
I've got a new job lined up that could either keep us on course for marriage and a long life together or it could be the ultimate way out.
I have no idea where to go and after months of wanting to post here, im finally doing it.
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2020.10.20 06:36 Independent_Award_48 Help with a girl this dude is talking to

I just gotta say some shit and not get bullshit in return please. New account, nothin on it. Easy. Im starting to feel dickish.
So this dude, Nutcrusher, hes like my best friend. We used to talk on the phone all the time and hang out and shit. Lemme give you some backstory. Wait no, hes a man whore. No backstory needed. Ive talked to this kid who was his best friend before me, who knew him since like fourth grade, and he agrees, yep hes a man whore. The dude will go and find any girl who he hasnt dated and then have a little 1 month relationship with them before finding some dumbass reason to stop it. Then this dude takes a not even weeklong break and hes onto the next poor girl. It was upsetting to watch this shit happen, cause youd know what would happen to em.
The only acception is this girl Kermit. Nutcrusher and Kermits relationship lasted six months, a world record, just ahead of second place, being two months. This was shocking. Then all of the sudden it stopped. Nutcrusher told her to wait. He had too much going on was his excuse. Then he goes and dates some other girl for a few weeks. Like, my guy, cmon.
He calls me a little while after. "I think im just gonna stop until highschool at least. Im gaining nothing. Theres no joy or anything really." And so i tell him yeah good idea you filthy man whore. Then a few weeks later hes back woth Kermit. Its been three months so far. Pretty good. I just thought it was silly he was gonna 'stop'.
Theyre nice. Ive overheard their conversations. Very stale. Ive had better conversations with my deceased dog. But then i actually get introduced to her. Shes nice. Before this next part, we will travel back in time about a year. I was talking to this girl right? Nutcrusher decides to slide into the dms when im asleep and win her over. This gave some very awkward conversations where i was trying to be the big tough guy telling him to back off. Didnt work. The girl talks to me once a month now and we are barely friends. It was going good too. Bout one step away from the money id say. But this dick had to ruin it.
Then fast foward to before he got back with kermit. I was talking to this girl. Same situation. We were talking. But it was different. Nutcrusher and i were talking to her at the same time. There was one point i just told her "hey maam youre nice and all but i really just gotta not. Nutcrusher is a nice guy". After all the shit hes done i do him a favor. Then i tell him "shes all yours". The dude says no keep going. Then he keeps going too. Its been months and i still talk to her, but its going nowhere. Nutcrusher doesnt talk to her but that doesnt fix the damage hes done already.
Fast foward to now. Or a few days ago. So irs confirmed this dudes a dick. Ruined my chances with two girls. Ive had one girlfriend in my entire life. A year til highschool, and one girl. Its established hes not a nice guy when it comes to women. So basically i start talking to kermit more. Shes getting along with me pretty well. Maybe too well. Idk its either shes really nice or shes digging. I wouldnt mind taking her from this dude. But i havent. I havent even said anything going in that direction. Its all her. But i still feel guilty. But no matter the guilt i still want to do something. Clear it up maybe or just commit. I could always wait it out but that could take months longer.
I would just really appreciate the help. Im like most of everyone, lonely. We may pretend to not be, but deep down we are. I dont pretend. I just am. Ive tried since first grade. Anyways. Thanks
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2020.10.20 06:35 lilhunt99 AITA for telling my girlfriend of 2 1/2 years I wouldn’t support her if she started a job in the sex industry?

So my girlfriend and I have been dating for 2 1/2 years and we are extremely close and co-dependent , we have spent pretty much everyday together for the past 2 years as she has lived in my family home with me. We have a great sex life and are both very attracted to each other and we both make that very know to each other. We are even about to move out into our own apartment in about a month.
I’ve got a pretty decent but depressing job and so does she, however I will say that her job is more depressing and demanding than mine. She recently proposed a question to me and it was if I would support her if she decided to quit her job and start working in the sex industry, she specifically referenced onlyfans.
I told her I wasn’t comfortable with the idea as I feel that it is a part of our relationship that is best kept between us and explained I feel a very strong emotional connection with her and didn’t want anything to come between that. I feel strongly that I am the only one to see my girlfriend in that way as her body means so much more to me than that. Her argument is that I watch porn to masturbate (which who doesn’t) and that it is wrong for me to not support her doing it as a occupation but support it as a consumer. She explained that not only does she think it would help her body image but it is also just a “quick buck”
This upset me and the conversation got a little more heated as I began to feel a little betrayed as I always make it a point to show my girl how amazing and beautiful she/her body is. She explained validation from strangers isn’t something she needed and referenced back to it just being a quick buck, but why would it help with her self imagine if the money is the only reason she would do this?
I told her that if this is something she really wanted to do, that we would both have to be on board and it would have to be something that we both do as a couple, however I told her I am not ready to do something like that in our relationship right now.
She didn’t agree with me and asked me what the difference was if we did it together rather than her doing it by herself as it would be her job. I tried to explain doing it together would make me feel less bad as it would incorporate the both of us rather than me feeling excluded from something that should be just kept between the 2 of us anyway .
Pretty much AITA for telling my girlfriend I would not support her for making an onlyfans, and that it would be pretty bad for our relationship?
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